Aurora University

Student Accounts Services

Check Cashing

Students may cash checks up to $60 per day. The cashing of third-party checks is strongly discouraged. Any checks that are returned from the financial institution for any reason including closed account or non-sufficient funds will be charged back to the student's account that received the funds. A $25 NSF fee will be applied to any check returned for non-payment for any reason. Students who have presented NSF checks will lose their check cashing privileges. Faculty and staff members may cash checks up to $50 per day.

Student Paychecks

Student paychecks are distributed in Student Accounts every student payday (every other Friday). Students may cash their paychecks up to $80. Pay advices for students using direct deposit may also be picked up on student pay dates in Student Accounts.

Bookstore Vouchers

Students who have completed their Student Authorization Form to indicate that their loan funds may be used for miscellaneous charges and have a credit balance on their accounts as a result of overpayment or financial aid that exceeds their tuition and other charges are eligible to receive a Bookstore Voucher up to the amount of their credit balance. Students may request a Bookstore Voucher in Student Accounts and use it for the purchase of books and other supplies. Their student account will be charged back for the actual charges they incurred in the bookstore only. Their accounts are not charged for the amount of the voucher. Bookstore Vouchers must be used prior to the first refund period of the semester for which it is given.