Political Science

The political science program at Aurora University is designed to prepare students for careers in public policy and public administration. Students from program will learn the knowledge and skills from the public sector to enter business and industry, criminal justice, government service, and graduate or law school. Most political science majors enter the business and professional world immediately upon graduation. The program is designed to prepare students to meet these goals, and students are encouraged to have a double major or minor to increase their opportunities in today’s competitive job market. For example, students are urged to consider business, communication, criminal justice, history, leadership studies, philosophy, psychology, social work and sociology as second majors.

For students who are considering graduate or law school, the program is very effective in preparing them for the highly competitive Graduate Record Examination and the Law School Admissions Test. Our graduates can successfully compete for admission at the national level. Aurora University political science graduates have been accepted to outstanding graduate and law schools across the U.S.

In addition to coursework and on-campus activities and organizations, students can gain practical experience through a variety of off-campus experiences, including work-study terms, both state and national internship programs, and study-abroad programs. Students also can participate in independent study coursework designed to explore areas of interests.

Program Overview

Required Core Courses: 32 semester hours

  • ECN2030 Principles of Economics (4)
  • PSC1300 Introduction to U.S. Government (4)
  • PSC1140 Public Policy and the Bureaucracy (4)
  • PSC2140 Public Opinion and Political Participation (4)
  • PSC3170 Analysis of Political Institutions (4)
  • PSC3280 State and Local Politics (4)
  • PSC/SOC/CRJ3600 Methods of Social Scientific Research (4)
  • PSC4700 Capstone in Political Science (4)

Elective Courses: 8 semester hours
Choose 8 semester hours from any of the following (4 semester hours must be at the 3000-level or above):

  • BUS3610 Business Law and Regulation (4)
  • COM3200 Persuasion (4)
  • COM3500 Intercultural Communication (4)
  • CRJ4200 Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies (4)
  • FIN3400 Principles of Finance (4)
  • FIN3480 Financial Markets and Institutions (4)
  • HIS3200 United States History Since the 1960s (4)
  • HIS3410/BIO33410 Global Environmental History (4)
  • HIS3450 Latin American History (4)
  • HIS3700 History of the Middle East (4)
  • HIS3750 History of East Asia (4)
  • LED3880 Leadership Principles and Practice (4)
  • PHL3150 Professional Ethics (4)
  • PHL3200 Business Ethics (4)
  • PSC1500 Introduction to International Relations (4)
  • PSC2130 Introduction to Comparative Politics (4)
  • PSC3250 Illinois History and Government (2)
  • PSC4410 Contemporary Issues in Political Science (4)
  • PSC4940 Internship in Political Science (2 - 4)
  • PSC4980 Independent Study (2 – 4)
  • PSC/CRJ3180 Constitutional Law and the Judicial System (4)
  • PSC/HIS3250 Illinois History and Government (2)
  • PSC/LTS3200 Contemporary Latin American Politics (4)
  • PSC/PHL4650 Classical Political Philosophy (4)
  • PSC/PHL4660 Modern Political Philosophy (4)
  • PSC/SCO/BIO3700 Politics of Global Health and Medicine (4)
  • PSC/SOC/CRJ3510 Human Rights and Responsibilities (4)
  • PSC/SOC3400 Social Problems and Public Policies (4)
  • PSC/SOC3610 European Politics (4)
  • SOC3480 Globalization and Social Change (4)
  • SWK3150 Social Welfare: Institutions and Policies (4)

Pre-Law Minor: 20 semester hours

The minor in pre-law includes:

  • PHL1200 Logic (4)
  • PHL2200 Introduction to Political Theory (4)
  • PSC/CRJ3180 Constitutional Law and the Judicial System (4)
  • Eight additional semester hours from other courses in the political science program