Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action

The mission of the Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action is to cultivate the religious and spiritual life of the students in the greater community at Aurora University.  As the heart of the university’s campus ministries, leadership studies and service, the center offers a sanctuary where students can explore questions of faith and meaning, celebrate diversity and join forces to improve the world around them.

Located on the quiet edge of campus, we encourage students to find meaning in their lives and careers through serving, leading, and believing.  A growing number of students are embracing that vision as the Wackerlin Center offers increasing opportunities for them to make a difference.

Founded more than a decade ago with a generous gift from an Aurora College alumna and lifelong AU benefactor Helena Wackerlin, ’18, the center builds on the university’s faith-based roots while reflecting today’s diverse student body.  The building’s unique design and natural setting create a retreat-like space where members of the AU community contemplate and discuss issues of faith, responsibility, and leadership.



430 S. Evanslawn Ave., south of Vago Field


Phone: 630-844-6864
Email: cfa@aurora.edu