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Job Search

Career Search Sites

To help you find a meaningful job, we provide all students and alumni access to online career services through our partnerships with:

On these sites*, you can browse and apply for full-time positions from credible companies and organizations, post your resume to be accessed by potential employers and learn about upcoming career events.

Job Search Process

  1. Research
    • Understand yourself as a product to sell as well as the market to which you are selling.
    • Establish a clear goal of the job you want and the kind of work environment in which you flourish.
  2. Target organizations
    • Create your dream list of the places where you would like to work and begin to research these organizations.
    • When conducting informational interviews, use this list to find information about and connections into these organizations.
  3. Create resume and cover letter
  4. Develop list of connections
    • List all of the people you know and begin to let those people know what kind of job you are looking for.
  5. Respond to posted job openings
    • Spend approximately 20 percent of your time responding to published job ads.
    • Whenever you can, find a name of the person who is conducting the job search and personalize your cover letter.
  6. Interview
  7. Negotiate
    • Early in your job search process, create a list of benefits that are important to you, such as time off, pay, work schedule, tuition reimbursement, retirement, insurance and work assignments.

For more information, contact Career Services at 630-844-5403 or

*Aurora University and other universities are finding that fraudulent employers are attempting to post fake job opportunities to sites such as our College Central Network (CCN) site. While we try to protect students/alumni from job scams, we cannot guarantee that all positions listed on these sites are legitimate. It is the responsibility of students and alumni to research the integrity of the organizations to which they are applying. Please see attached document for more information.