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Costs associated with tuition, room and meal plans will be billed to students at a later date. This form is for deposits only.

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Fall and Spring Semesters 2014-2015
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Note: Students wishing to room together must put each other's name on their corresponding contract for that request to be considered.
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If yes, please mail a doctor's note to:

Office of Residence Life
347 S. Gladstone Ave
Aurora, IL 60506

Or scan it and email to
* Please list your physical or health conditions to be considered.

Meal Plan Choice

Premium (14 meals/week + $275 in points)
Basic (9 meals/week + $100 in points)
Block 175 (175 meals/semester + $150 in points)
Block 125 (125 meals/semester + $400 in points)

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