New or Updated Course Proposal Submission — CAPP Program

All new course proposals are to be approved prior to the first course session. A proposed new course should not be advertised for registration until the partner receives course approval.

Submit all new or updated course syllabi with this form to Whitney Warren, Program Coordinator, at in MS Word format ONLY.

Approval Process

  1. The proposed course is assigned a unique four-digit course number by the Collaborating Academic Partnership Program.
  2. The director reviews the course syllabus to determine what, if any, revisions are needed and if the proposed course content meets the university's criteria for and merits graduate credit.
  3. The syllabus is submitted to the Graduate Education Committee for review and returned to the director as approved or not approved.
  4. When approved, the designated contact person for the partnership will receive an electronic copy of the approval letter and the course syllabus, with the Aurora University heading, to be distributed at the first course session.
  5. Request to schedule this course must be submitted and approved by the Collaborating Academic Partnership Program prior to the first course session.

All new/updated course proposal forms must be accompanied by a proposed syllabus as an email attachment in Word document form format to Whitney Warren - Please hold submission of this form until the syllabus is available and sent with the form. This new/updated course proposal form and proposed syllabus needs to be submitted only by the CAPP's designated contact person, prior to the first course session.

Name of Collaborating Academic Partnership
Name of CAPP Designated Contact Person
Phone Area Code Phone Number
Name of Instructor Submitting Syllabus:
Instructor's E-mail Address:
Instructor's Phone: Area Code Phone Number
Syllabus Title (30 characters or less including spaces between words). The first word in the title of the syllabus should reflect the content area; i.e. mathematics, technology, writing, etc.
The proposed course syllabus is emailed as a separate MS Word document with this form. Yes No
AU Credit (semester hours) for proposed course
Proposed catalog description for new course proposals only. Please limit to approximately 25-30 words, but be concise as to the course content appropriate. Administrators may use this course description for granting staff permission to register for the course.
New or Updated request?
New request Updated request
If updated request, complete this section
Aurora University Approved Course Title
AU Course Prefix
AU Course Number
AU Course Credit (Semester Hours)