Reading Endorsement

Program Requirements

(24 semester hours)
Coursework leading to the endorsement consists of 24 semester hours spread out over the course of six terms. Due to the fact that the endorsement candidates do not take all courses offered in the Master of Arts in Reading Instruction program, there may be terms when they are not enrolled for the full 6 semester hours.

Endorsement candidates complete 6 semester hours of a supervised clinical practicum involving assessment and instruction with struggling readers. The program also involves them in various field experiences in which they apply course content to their classroom instruction, to individual work with a struggling reader, or to developing coaching and collaboration skills.  The candidate must pass the Reading Teacher content test (177).

  • 18 semester hours in content classes related to literacy
  • 6 semester hours of a supervised clinical practicum involving assessment and tutoring with struggling readers

The following areas are required by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE):

  1. Foundations of reading
  2. Content-area reading
  3. Assessment and diagnosis of reading problems
  4. Developmental and remedial reading instruction and support
  5. Developmental and remedial materials and resources
  6. Literature appropriate to students in all grade levels


Content area classes (semester hours)

  • EDU6310 Effective Word Study Instruction (3)
  • EDU6320 Effective Comprehensive Instruction (3)
  • EDU6330 Literacy in the Content Areas (3)
  • EDU6340 Assessment of Literacy Learning (3)
  • EDU6350 Teaching Reading to Diverse Learners (3)
  • EDU6370 Texts for Children (3)

Practicum class

  • EDU6410 Practicum in Reading (6)

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general University “Graduate Admission Requirements and Procedures,” the following are required for entrance into the Reading Endorsement Program:

  1. Current teaching certificate
  2. Two years of teaching experience prior to beginning of graduate studies
  3. One letter of recommendation from the candidate’s immediate supervisor

Transfer Credit

The School of Education Graduate Faculty Committee may accept a maximum of 9 semester hours of graduate credit from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning for application toward elective degree requirements. Transfer credit must be accepted prior to enrollment in the first course. Graduate faculty reserve the right to decide on the applicability of any and all transfer credit.

Candidates requesting transfer credits must submit a “Request for Transfer Credit” form with their admission application. All courses must be less than five years old at the time of admission and must be completed with a grade of “B” or better. An official transcript must be provided. It is University policy that no more than 6 semester hours taken as a “Student-at-Large” may be applied toward a graduate degree program.

Attendance Policy: All Graduate Education Programs

Attendance is mandatory at all class sessions. If a candidate is to be absent for any reason, he/she must discuss the expected absence with the course instructor before it occurs.

Academic Standards and Evaluation in Graduate Education Programs

Upon completion of each course, a letter grade is assigned to each candidate. At the graduate level, a “C” grade indicates less than complete mastery of the content and methods of the course. Only two grades of “C” are accepted at the graduate level and they must be balanced by two course grades of “A”. If a “C” is received within the first three courses, the candidate may be removed from the program by action of the program faculty.

Additional Program Offerings

George Williams College

Woodstock Center
Contact Marcia Koenen at 815-337-6049 or for more information.