Zimbra Email

Question: How do I create an Email signature?


  • Go to Preferences and select Signatures
  • A signature name box is displayed, click Edit to open the box for data entry
  • Enter a signature name. This is simply to name this signature.
  • Notice that you can format the signature as plain text or HTML. HTML formatting allows you to select fonts, font sizes and colors. If you wish to use these options, select them first before entering your signature text.
  • Enter the signature text that you want to appear in your Emails.
  • Click Done and then Save to save the signature
  • Note that you can have multiple signatures that you can choose from when adding a signature to an Email.
  • To set up an additional signature, click the "Add Signature" button to open a new signature window.
  • To automatically include your signature in Emails, go to Preferences and select Accounts.
  • Scroll down to Signature and click on the down arrow to see your signature options.
  • You may select "Do Not Attach Signature." You will manually attach your signature when you want one included.
  • To always include a signature, select any of the signatures that you set up.
  • Note that when composing an Email, there is a signature tab.
  • Click the down arrow to see your signature options.
  • This feature allows you to override the setting that you selected under Accounts.