Service Organizations


  • Aurora University Animal Rights Organization (AUARO)
    It shall be the purpose of the Aurora University Animal Rights Organization to reform the societal belief of animals as pets to instead reflect on them as companions, as well as aid animals in need to the fullest extent of our abilities.
    Advisor: Terri Schroth;
  • Aurora University Eco Club
    A service based organization that promotes environmental health and awareness within the AU community and seeks to educate on the endangerment of our environment.
    Advisor: Julie Adams;
  • Aurora University Human Rights Organization (AUHRO)
    The mission of this group is to support the promotion and protection of human rights at home and abroad through public education, fundraising efforts, policy advocacy and public service.
    Advisor: Jeffery Bulanda;
  • Mu Sigma Pi: Mind. Body. Spirit.
    A co-educational service, leadership development, and friendship organization, organized and sponsored by a Kiwanis club. They are dedicated to developing students into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to serving others.
    Advisor: John Lloyd;
  • Student Education Team (SET)
    Aurora University's peer education program, the Student Education Team (SET), is comprised of a group of students dedicated to educating their peers on important topics.
    Advisor: Dana Ginnett;
  • Veterans and Military Service Association (VMSA)
    Our group is designed as a means for students to serve and advocate for local U.S. Veterans of the Armed Forces as well as Active Duty Military members and their families. Our intention is to engage in service projects to benefit Veterans and/or Veterans organizations as well as do fundraising for individual Veterans and/or organizations.
    Advisor: Kristie Brendel;