Special Admission Status

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A student who does not hold a bachelor's degree and is not seeking a degree, but wishes to enroll in a few courses for credit, is defined as a student-at-large. Prerequisites must be satisfied for the courses in which a person wishes to enroll. Up to 15 semester hours may be taken as a student-at-large. The standard tuition rate applies, and financial aid is not available.

Post-Undergraduate Student

A student who holds a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and wishes to enroll in undergraduate courses for credit, but not to seek a second degree, may do so as an extended student. The standard tuition rate applies. Limited financial aid is available.

Provisional Student

A student who has applied for regular admission but has been unable to supply all necessary documentation due to circumstances beyond the individual's control, may be provisionally admitted to the University at the discretion of the Committee of Admission Standards. If provisionally admitted, a student may register for classes for one term at his/her own risk (since the records of the educational background are incomplete). An application file must be complete and approved before a student is allowed to register for a second term. Financial aid is not available.