Aurora University and Waubonsee Community College Agreement for Joint Admission and Degree Completion Articulation

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The Aurora University (AU) and Waubonsee Community College (WCC) Joint Admission Agreement is intended to better-serve students in the WCC service area by providing a means for students to be simultaneously admitted to both institutions. This agreement is designed to simplify the process of degree completion for students who wish to begin at WCC and continue at AU.

When jointly admitted, a student will work with advisors at both Waubonsee and Aurora to plan courses for maximum transferability, and will be able to enter Aurora University after completing the Waubonsee degree without going through any further admission process. 

In order to be eligible for joint admission under this agreement, a student must meet all applicable admission requirements of both WCC and AU, at the time of joint admission. Students must agree in writing to the exchange of admission and advising information between WCC and AU. This program is open to any eligible student at WCC.