Audio-Visual Resources Covering General Topics and Multiple Culture Areas

500 Nations Video Series 49-minutes each (1994)

The Ancestors


Clash of Cultures

Invasion of the Coast

Cauldron of War


Roads Across the Plains

Attack on Culture

American Indian Prophecies I 60-minute video (not dated)

American Indian Prophecies II 60-minute video (not dated)

The Americas Before the Europeans 300-1500 (Grade 6 to Adult) 26-minute video
The Maya, Aztec & Inca civilizations that existed in Central and South America built remarkable cities and places of worship and paved roads. Their intellectual achievements were equally impressive. But none of these great Empires survived the Spanish Conquistadors. (no date)

Business of Fancy Dancing (Grades 7-adult) 103-minute video
Two friends leave the reservation for college. One returns embittered, while the other welcomes his new lifestyle. Sixteen years later their paths cross again. (2002)

Contemporary Native American Masks (Grade 5 to Adult) 20 slides
These contemporary masks differ greatly from traditional masks, but all masks challenge the viewer to consider the spiritual life of Native Americans. (1994)

Elegant Visions: Native American Women’s Clothing (Grade 6 to Adult) 30-minute video
The Bartlesville (Oklahoma) Indian Women’s Club presents a style show featuring authentic tribal dress. (1993)

Early Native American Art and Culture (Grade 6 to Adult) 33-minute video
The art of Native Americans, from early to contemporary times is illustrated. Teacher=s Guide is included. (1994)

The Expedition of Lewis and Clark: 1804-1806 (Grade 4 to Adult) 32 minute video
Meriweather Lewis and William Clark undertook an 8,000 mile journey from the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers to the Pacific Ocean and back and opened up a new world. Their report inspired westward expansion. (1991)

Forever in Time (Grade 6 to Adult) 50-minute video
The story of photographer Edward S. Curtis who created a memorable visual record of Native Americans. (1989)

The Great Movie Massacre (Grade 6 to Adult) 30-minute video
This program in the Image of Indians series examines Hollywood=s portrayal of Native Americans, emphasizing stereotyping and inaccuracy. (1979)

If Rocks Could Talk 20-minute video (not dated)

Indian Country Diaries 172-minute DVD (2005)

Indian Legacy (Grades 2 to 6) 13-minute video
This is the videotape version of the filmstrips. Natural resources as a part of Native American life are emphasized. It includes all the parts in the filmstrip series. (1989)

In Whose Honor? (Grades 7 to Adult) 46-minute video
This documentary takes a hard look at the use of Native American mascots. It follows Charlene Teters as she becomes an activist trying to end the misrepresentation of Native Americans in collegiate sports. (1997)

Lacrosse: The Creator’s Game (Grade 6 to Adult) 26-minute video
Lacrosse is not just a game but a spiritual sport used in healing rites of Native American people. This film provides a comprehensive history of the game and its meanings for Native Americans. (1994)

Life Spirit (Grade 8 to Adult) 24-minute video
This is a video presentation of the American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation focusing on legal and cultural issues in repatriation. It examines the importance and nature of materials held sacred by Native American people. (1993)

Momaday: Voice of the West (Grade 6 to Adult) 30 minute video
N. Scott Momaday, Pulitzer prize-winning author, painter, poet and teacher, shares his memoirs with viewers. (1996)

A Matter of Promises (Grade 7 to Adult) 60-minute video
This film explores the current Native American views of sovereignty, citizenship and their role as Americans for the Onondaga, Navajo and Lummi Nations. (1990)

Native American Healing in the 21st Century 40-minute DVD (2004)

Native American Medicine: Linking Traditional & Modern Complementary Healing 60-minute DVD (2001)

Native American Men’s & Women’s Dance Styles (Grade 6 to Adult) 60-minute video
This video was taped at various Southern Plains Pow-Wows and celebrations. (1993)

The Native Americans (Grades 5 to Adult) 47-minute video
This film explores the many similarities among tribal nations, including a profound respect for nature, myth, and tradition; matriarchal governance; a communal lifestyle; a belief in an afterlife; and the use of pictographs, symbols, and patterns rather than an alphabet-based language. Also featured are brief scenes of re-created warfare: the French and Iroquois vs. the British as a part of the Seven Years’ War and the Sioux and Cheyenne vs. the U.S. Calvary at Little Bighorn. Renewal of Native American culture is demonstrated by present generations.

Native Americans: The History of a People (Grade 4 to Adult) 25 minute video
This overview of Native American cultures has two objectives: to give students a sense of cultural diversity and to provide a brief history of the conflict between Native Americans and European settlers. (1992)

Native American Series: Indians of California, the Southwest, & the Plains (Grades 4-8) 60 minute video
This two video set gives an overview of the Southwest, Plains and California tribes. (1994)

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: Shoshone, French Cree Painter (Grade 6 to Adult) 29-minute video
This program explores the life and work of an abstract artist. She discusses the connection of her art to her Native American heritage.(1982)

Searching for a Native American Identity: Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris
(Grade 10 to Adult) 30-minute video
Michael Dorris and Louise Erdrich are a husband-and–wife team who collaborate as writers. They attribute their beliefs in family, community, and place to their Native American heritage. As Native Americans, their writing reflects the difficulties of American Indians today. In this program with Bill Moyers, Erdrich and Dorris discuss faith and
search for a Native American identity in a pluralistic society. A Public Affairs Television production. (1994)

Smoke Signals (Grades 7 - adult) 89-minute video
Victor and Thomas, an unlikely pair, go on a trip together. Winner at Sundance Film Festival. (Not Dated)

Spirits of the Present (Grade 6 to Adult) Five 50 minute AUDIO cassettes
These cassettes present contemporary Native speakers looking at their cultures and what it means to be Indian. Recorded by the Smithsonian Institution. (1992)

Thieves of Time (Grade 6 to Adult) 30 minute video
This dramatic story traces the history of our country’s fascination with Indian burial grounds through 500 years of cultural, scientific and legal change. (1992)

Treaties (Grade 6 to Adult) 28 minute video
The significance of the Indian treaties are analyzed from both a historical and contemporary perspective. Photographs and paintings are used to set the stage for this history. (1975)