Campus Phone and E-mail Directory 
The area code for calls to the George Williams Campus is 262. For calls within the campus only the last four digits of the number are required. The domain for all email addresses is ""

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Austin, Kristi Field Coordinator - Social Work 245-8507   George Williams College jaustin
Bindrim, Thomas Facilities - Maintenance 245-8558   Sodexo lgmaint
Blakesly, Melinda Food Service 245-8528   Sodexo foodserv
Boniak, Richard Assistant Professor 245-8612   George Williams College rboniak
Borquist, Debra Assistant Professor Social Work/GWC 245-8567   George Williams College dborquis
Breister, Colton Undergraduate Admission Counselor 245-8573   George Williams College cbreiste
Campbell, Robert Assistant Professor Social Work/GWC 245-8569   George Williams College rcampbel
Collier, Shannon Facilities Administrative Assistant 245-8558   Sodexo scollier
Crowley Jr, Donald Campus Public Safety Officer Level 1 245-8592   Campus Safety
Crylen, Mary Graphic Designer, GWC 245-8548   University Communications mcrylen
Dunn, Rachel Assistant Professor Social Work/GWC 245-8578   George Williams College rdunn
Fedota, Joan Assistant Professor Social Work/GWC 245-8621   George Williams College jfedota
Ferry, Stacy Business Office Specialist - GWC 245-8517   Business Office sferry
Flasch, Christine Executive Director MBTL 245-8553   Music by the Lake cflasch
Galica, Stephanie Admission Counselor 245-8568   Admission sgalica
Harmon, Kailley Director of Freshman Admission 245-8586   George Williams College kharmon
Harvey, Meredith Assistant Professor 245-8613   George Williams College mharvey
Herrick, Jennifer Director of Student Success 245-8572   George Williams College jherrick
Herrick, Kate Assistant to the President 245-8581   President kherrick
Hollenbeck, Brett Campus Public Safety PT Level 1 245-8592   Campus Safety bhollenb
Ingo, Samantha Transfer Coordinator/Advisor 245-8658   George Williams College singo
Johnson, Sara Assistant Professor 245-8527   George Williams College sjohnson
Kazy-Garey Jr, Daniel Director of Campus Public Safety - GWC 245-8587   Campus Safety dkazy-garey
Kuhlow, Brittney Campus Public Safety Officer Level 1 245-8592   Campus Safety bcunning
Larson, Steve Commissioner of the Northern Athletics Conference    President gslarson
Leifeld, Jared Director of Student Community/Engagement 245-8534   George Williams College jleifeld
Mayrose, Julie Executive Dean for George Williams College 245-8576   George Williams College jmayrose
McDermott, Robert Guest Services 245-8530   Sodexo gservice
McReynolds, Tom Project Coordinator 245-8580   George Williams College tmcreyno
Meyer, Jennifer Admin Asst to Senior VP GWC/Exec Artistic Dir MBTL 245-8588   Music by the Lake jmmeyer
Paladino, Bill Director of Campus Operations 245-8519   Conference Center wpaladin
Parge, Ted Executive Vice President for Development 245-8598   Development tparge
Porter, Kim Enrollment Visit Coordinator 245-8669   George Williams College kporter
Richards-Wilson, Stephani Visiting Asst Prof Global Studies/Entrepreneurship 245-8621   George Williams College srichards
Roberts, Christine Pro-Rata Asst Professor    College Professional Studies croberts
Roberts, Thomas Coordinator Student Wellness & Leadership 245-8571   George Williams College troberts
Rowehl, Julia Manager, Academic Services Office 245-8597   George Williams College jrowehl
Schlater, Chris Campus Public Safety PT Level 1 245-8592   Campus Safety cshlate
Serna, Maria Guest Services 245-8530   Sodexo gservice
Somerville, Yvette Director of Events 245-8536   President ysomerville
Sterba, Sunny GWC Registrar 245-8543   George Williams College ssterba
Vogel, David GWC Director of Campus Technologies 245-8563   Information Technology Service dvogel
Wagar, Nathan Residence Hall Director GWC 245-8662   Student Life nwagar
Wells, Chris Assistant Professor Parks and Recreation 245-8570   George Williams College cwells
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