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* Locations followed by "(GWC)" are at the George Williams College. All other buildings are located on the Aurora Campus. For more information on office locations, see the Building Locations page.

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Academic AffairsTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Cosky, AliciaDean of Faculty(630) 844-5116  Dunham Hall 225acosky
Gilbert, RitaAdministrative Assistant for Provost(630) 844-5119  Eckhart Hall 204rgilbert
Goldberg, EllenAssistant Provost(630) 844-5147  Eckhart Hall 316Aegoldbrg
Jacobson, LarsROTC(630) 844-3707  Eckhart Hall 310Aljacobso
Manion, AndrewExecutive Vice President(630) 844-5252  Eckhart Hall 204amanion
Moran, CarmellaDean of Undergraduate and Dean of Aurora Online(630) 844-5132  Institute for Collaboration 126Fcmoran
Poor, P. JoanProvost(630) 844-5430  Eckhart Hall 204Ajpoor
Pratt, JoyceAdministrative Asst, Dean of Faculty(630) 844-4917  Dunham Hall 238jpratt
Schwarze, EricDean General Education(630) 844-5521  Eckhart Hall 404eschwarz
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Cali, JeffAssistant Vice President Administration(630) 844-6850  Eckhart Hall 104jcali
Gillette, SandyAdministrative Assistant(630) 844-5479  Eckhart Hall 104sgillett
Spangler, MarkDirector of Special Projects(630) 844-7870  Eckhart Hall 104mspangle
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Allen, ReneeRecruiter for Graduate Enrollment-9478902  Orchard Center 300rcallen
Arendt, PegAdult and Graduate Enrollment Coordinator-9478901  Orchard Center 300parendt
Armstrong, ShawnaFreshman Admission Representative(630) 844-5468  Eckhart Hall 201sarmstro
Bailey, AllisonAdmission Counselor - Freshman(630) 844-5298  Eckhart Hallabailey
Bell, ElizabethRecruiter for Adult Degree Completion Programs-9478903  Orchard Center 300ebell
Binder, JoshFreshman Admission Representative(630) 844-5418  Eckhart Hall 201jbinder
Briones, StacyFreshman Admission Representative(630) 844-5145  Eckhart Hall 201sbriones
Bures, JillAssistant Director/Freshman Admission(630) 844-3849  Eckhart Hall 201jbures
Carzoli, AmyWoodstock Recruiter(815) 337-6273  Woodstock Center 102 (WSC)acarzoli
DeBroux, SusanAdministrative Assistant - Enrollment(630) 844-6846  Eckhart Hall 201sdebroux
DeSpain, DonnaVice President for Enrollment/Executive Dean Adult/Graduate(630) 844-3840  Eckhart Hall 201ddespain
Diehl, DaveAssoc Vice President Enrollment(630) 844-4933  Eckhart Hall 201Bddiehl
Enlow, DebbieRecruiter/Advisor for Adult and Graduate Students947-8904  Orchard Center 300denlow
Galica, StephanieAdmission Counselor(262) 245-8568  Hamlin Welcome Center (GWC)sgalica
Gaspari, MarciaGraduate Education Recruiter(630) 844-4643  Institute for Collaboration 126Bmgaspari
Gebhard, LindaEnrollment Operations Manager(630) 844-5148  Founders Annex 103lgebhard
Green, MaureenCoordinator of Freshman Recruitment Services(630) 844-5612  Founders Annex 102mgreen
Halley, ErinEnrollment Operations Manager(630) 844-5297  Eckhart Hall 201ehalley
Harmon, JasonDirector of Graduate Enrollment947-8905  Orchard Center 306jharmon
Hueber, AshleyDirector Transfer Admission/Community College Partnerships(630) 844-4926  Eckhart Hall 201ahueber
Kerber, LukeFreshman Admission Representative(630) 844-5293  Eckhart Hall 201lkerber
Koenen, MarciaDirector of Woodstock Center(815) 337-6049  Woodstock Center (WSC)mkoenen
Lancaster, JamesDean of Freshman Admission/Head Coach Basketball(630) 844-5144  Eckhart Hall 201jlancast
Male, KateDirector of AU Online947-8906  Orchard Center 300kmale
McCall, LindaAdult Advising Manager947-8907  Orchard Center 308lmccall
McCarthy, BarbaraUndergraduate Recruiter - Part-Time(630) 844-4648  Institute for Collaboration 222Bbmccarth
Mooney, CathyStudent Application Specialist(630) 844-6535  Founders Annex 100cmooney
Morales, EmilyDirector of Adult Degree Completion Programs947-8908  Orchard Center 305emorales
Near, MeaganAssistant Director Adult and Graduate Studies947-8909  Orchard Center 300mnear
Phillippe, TracyDirector of Enrollment Systems(630) 844-5263  Eckhart Hall 201tphillip
Shoemaker, JulieTransfer Admission Representative(630) 844-5143  Eckhart Hall 201jshoemak
Ulin, MelodyEnrollment Assistant(630) 844-5533  Eckhart Hall 201mulin
Zick, BrittneyEnrollment Assistant/Woodstock(815) 337-6051  Woodstock Center (WSC)bzick
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Baermann, LisaDevelopment Officer(630) 844-4928  Founders Houselbaerman
deLacey, JeffDevelopment Officer(630) 844-3778  Founders Housejdelacey
Euler, NancyDevelopment Operations Specialist(630) 844-5246  Founders Houseneuler
Goodfellow, LizDevelopment Officer Foundations/Grants(630) 844-6557  Eckhart Hall 324egoodfel
Hacker, AshleyAdvancement Operations Research & Reporting Specialist(630) 844-6868  Founders Houseahacker
Lipscomb, DawnAdvancement Office Project Coordinator(630) 844-5482  Founders Houselipscomb
Parge, TedExecutive Vice President for Advancement(630) 844-5262  430 Evanslawn 100tparge
Parge, TedExecutive Vice President for Advancement(262) 245-8598  Admin Building (GWC)tparge
Parolini, RogerDirector of Special Gifts(630) 844-5489  Founders Houserparolin
Taylor, TrudyAdministrative Assistant for Executive VP(630) 844-7586  430 Evanslawn 104ttaylor
Tomaszkiewicz, TeriVice President for Development/Alumni Relations(630) 844-5511  Founders Housettomaszk
Alumni RelationsTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Hacker, StuartAdv Data and Constituency Manager(630) 844-6169  Founders Houseshacker
Tomaszkiewicz, TeriVice President for Development/Alumni Relations(630) 844-5511  Founders Housettomaszk
Arts & SciencesTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Adams, JulieAssociate Professor Biology(630) 844-6167  Stephens Hall 104jadams
Arquette, TobyAssociate Professor/Chair/Co-Director Honors(630) 844-5614  Dunham Hall 003tarquett
Barclay, BridgitteAssistant Professor English(630) 844-6195  Eckhart Hall 414bbarclay
Baum, JoshuaAssistant Professor Music(630) 844-6841  Parolini Music 117jbaum
Beck, HansAssociate Professor Biology(630) 844-3827  Stephens Hall 126hbeck
Butler, PatriciaPro-Rata Instructor Mathematics/Actuarial Sciences(630) 844-5639  Dunham Hall 237pbutler
Butters, JerryProfessor of History(630) 844-5615  Dunham Hall 217gbutters
Collins, BernadettePro-Rata Instructor(630) 844-4222  Institute for Collaboration 302bcollins
Corrigan, DebiSecretary / CAS(630) 844-5497  Eckhart Hall 417dcorriga
Curran, JohnAssociate Professor of Theatre(630) 844-3850  Stephens Hall 208Bjcurran
Davis, JaneProfessor of Biology(630) 844-4579  Stephens Hall 203jdavis
Dean, JonathanAssistant Professor/Religion/Chaplain/Director Ministries(630) 844-6866  430 Evanslawn 103jdean
DeFelice, TaviaScenic Studio Supervisor  tdefelic
Dunn, PatrickAssociate Professor English(630) 844-5417  Eckhart Hall 406pdunn
Elliott, SaraAssociate Professor English(630) 844-6514  Eckhart Hall 401selliott
Escobedo, LibbyAssociate Professor of Art History(630) 844-3829  Stephens Hall 216lescobed
Esposito, CarolePro-Rata Instructor Mathematics(630) 844-7581  Dunham Hall 211esposito
Flynn, ValerieProfessor of Psychology(630) 844-6531  Institute for Collaboration 311vflynn
Forward, MartinProfessor of History(630) 844-6869  Dunham Hall 213mforward
Frajman, EduardoAssistant Professor Sociology/Polictial Science(630) 844-5254  Eckhart Hall 402efrajman
Franiuk, RenaeAssociate Professor/Chair Psychology(630) 844-3692  Institute for Collaboration 310rfraniuk
Fredenburgh, LisaAssociate Professor/Director Choral Activities(630) 844-4577  Parolini Musiclfredenb
Gerend, SaraAssistant Professor English(630) 844-3842  Eckhart Hall 411sgerend
Gwinner, DonovanAssociate Professor English(630) 844-5228  Eckhart Hall 405dgwinner
Hatcher, DeniseProfessor/Chair Foreign Languages(630) 844-7827  Alumni Hall 105dhatcher
Hipp, DanProfessor/Chair English(630) 844-4883  Eckhart Hall 409dhipp
Hipp, JulieAssistant Professor English(630) 844-6503  Eckhart Hall 403jhipp
Kajjumba, WotakaPro Rata Instructor Computer Science(630) 844-5682  Dunham Hall 211wkajjumba
Kao, JamesAssistant Professor - Art and Theatre(630) 844-5519  Stephens Hall 210Ajkao
Kennedy, DebraVisiting Asst Professor Interdisciplinary Studies/Sociology(630) 844-3863  Eckhart Hall 413dkennedy
Kieso, DougAssociate Professor Political Science/Sociology(630) 844-4943  Eckhart Hall 412dkieso
Kneller, MattAssistant Director of Assessment/Assistant Professor(630) 844-5466  Dunham Hall 004mkneller
Kowalchuk, AndreaAssistant Professor Religion/Philosophy(630) 844-5256  Eckhart Hall 407akowalch
Krause, ChristinaAssociate Professor Psychology(630) 844-5781  Institute for Collaboration 304ckrause
Livingston, SharonAdministrative Assistant(630) 844-5529  Institute for Collaboration 126sliving
Lloyd, JohnProfessor of Biology(630) 844-5620  Stephens Hall 102jlloyd
McGuire, PaulaAssoc Professor/Chair Comm Sci and Disorders(630) 844-5254  Eckhart Hall 402pmcguire
Mehrtens, JohnAssistant Professor Political Science(630) 844-6166  Eckhart Hall 408jmehrtens
Miller, SharonAssistant Professor Physical Sciences(630) 844-6194  Stephens Hall 218Bsjmiller
Milne-Zelman, CarrieAssociate Professor Biology(630) 844-5296  Stephens Hall 103czelman
O'Brien, KathleenScience Laboratory Manager(630) 844-5158  Stephens Hall 122kobrien
Oij, GregoryVisiting Instructor Computer Science(630) 844-5689  Stephens Hall 119goij
Pastorello, CristianAssistant Professor Music(630) 844-6842  Parolini Music 111cpastore
Patel, ChetnaProfessor Physical Sciences,chair, STEM Liason(630) 844-5513  Stephens Hall 202cpatel
Plummer, MarkAssociate Professor - Music(630) 844-5152  Parolini Music 109mplummer
Polad, RickPro-Rata Instructor of Natural Sciences(630) 844-3865  Dunham Hall 211rpolad
Rahn, ReginaAssistant Professor Mathematics/Chair(630) 844-5651  Stephens Hall 201rrahn
Rajan, NithyaVisiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry(630) 844-5638  Phillips Library 204nrajan
Ramirez, ArielAssistant Professor Mathematics(630) 844-4231  Stephens Hall 204aramirez
Rodriguez Estrada, AlmaAssistant Professor Biology(630) 844-5266  Stephens Hall 214Aarodriguezestrada
Ross, JonathanVisting Instructor Communication/Interdisciplinary Studies(630) 844-4918  Dunham Hall 018jross
Rudek Spinos, Anna-MariePro-Rata Instructor(630) 844-5659  Institute for Collaboration 309aspinos
Rudek, DavidAssociate Professor Psychology(630) 844-7857  Institute for Collaboration 303drudek
Schlumpf, HeidiAssociate Professor Communication(630) 844-3694  Dunham Hall 017hschlump
Schroth, TerriAssistant Professor Foreign Languages(630) 844-6193  Alumni Hall 106tschroth
Scott, JamesPro-Rata Instructor Mathematics(630) 844-4942  Dunham Hall 211jscott
Serrano, EvaAssistant Professor Foreign Languages(630) 844-6259  Alumni Hall 107eserrano
Shapiro, TerryAssistant Professor Psychology(630) 844-4893  Institute for Collaboration 309tshapiro
Soderstrom, MarkAssistant Professor History(630) 844-6196  Dunham Hall 214msoderst
Stein, EmmaVisiting Assistant Professor Biology(630) 844-3864  Phillips Library 204estein
Strassberg, BarbaraProfessor/Chair Soc/Pol Science/Director International Prog(630) 844-5408  Eckhart Hall 410bstrass
Thurlow, JessicaAssistant Professor of History, Chair History(630) 844-7858  Dunham Hall 215Bjthurlow
Trnka, EileenAdministrative Assistant/CAS/Institute(630) 844-4209  Stephens Hall 208etrnka
Walter, MarkAssociate Professor/Chair Philosophy(630) 844-4239  Eckhart Hall 415mwalter
Wicks, PamAssistant Professor Communication(630) 844-4896  Dunham Hall 009pwicks
Wyman, SebastianAssistant Professor Mathematics(630) 844-5265  Stephens Hall 218Aswyman
Zelman, MarkAssociate Professor Biology(630) 844-5142  Stephens Hall 214Bmzelman
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Berkman, KylorHead Coach, Men's Lacrosse/Assistant Athletic Director(630) 844-5137  Alumni Hall 133kberkman
Bogda, PamAdministrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics(630) 844-6181  Alumni Hall 242pbogda
Boyd, BennyDefensive Coordinator/Special Teams Coordinator(630) 844-5153  Alumni Hall LL11bboyd
Buchanan, RyanHead Men's Hockey Coach/Events Coordinator(630) 844-6891  Alumni Hall 249buchanan
Carper, BrittanyHead Women's Basketball Coach(630) 844-5112  Alumni Hall 244bcarper
Chapman, RyanHead Men/Women's X Country/Track Coach(630) 844-4573  Alumni Hall 252rchapman
Degeorge, JordanAssistant Baseball Coach(630) 844-7565  Alumni Hall 250jdegeorge
Edwards, TroyHead Women's Soccer Coach(630) 844-4207  Alumni Hall 243tedwards
Fried, ChristinaHead Coach Women's Lacrosse(630) 844-6558  Alumni Hall 240cfried
Hamad, JimAthletic Director(630) 844-4910  Alumni Hall 247jhamad
Hinkle, JeffAssistant Athletic Trainer(630) 844-5114  Alumni Hall LL16jhinkle
Janecek, TimothyFootball Defensive Assistant Coach(630) 844-5117  Alumni Hall LL11tjanecek
Kipley, BrianDirector of Sports Information(630) 844-7575  Alumni Hall 130Bbkipley
Lakin, RyanHead Men's Soccer Coach(630) 844-5268  Alumni Hall 251rlakin
McKenzie, MichaelHead Softball Coach(630) 844-4939  Alumni Hall 241mmckenzi
Pieart, NicoleAsst Athletic Director for Student Wellbeing/Sr Woman Adm(630) 844-6174  Alumni Hall 245npieart
Ponx, RichardHead Football Coach(630) 844-5409  Alumni Hall 130Arponx
Probst, JeffAssistant Athletic Trainer(630) 844-6180  Alumni Hall LL11jprobst
Reinke, HeatherAssistant Director of Athletics for Compliance(630) 844-7567  Alumni Hall 248hreinke
Robinson, LanceAssistant Coach Men's Basketball/Academic Advisor(630) 844-6179  Eckhart Hall 310Alrobinso
Seitelman, JamesWomen's Head Volleyball Coach(630) 844-5261  Alumni Hall 134jseitelman
Skierski, KyleAssistant Football Coach(630) 844-6187  Alumni Hall LL11kskierski
Stevens, AdamHead Baseball Coach(630) 844-5115  Alumni Hall 240astevens
Stuedemann, EricFootball Offensive Coordinator(630) 844-5149  Alumni Hall LL11estuedemann
Trudo, ChadStrength/Conditioning Coach/Recruitment Liaison(630) 844-6848  Alumni Hall LL11ctrudo
Walsh, MarkHead Football Coach/Athletic Director Emeritus(630) 844-5111  Alumni Hall 130Amwalsh
Young, DennisAssistant X-Country and Track/Field Coach(630) 844-6559  Alumni Hall 252dpyoung
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Christiansen, MarkSales Floor Coordinator(630) 844-5524  Dunham Hallmchristiansen
Cobb, StefanieBookstore Assistant Manager(630) 844-7828  Dunham Hallscobb
Lawless, CarrieShipping/Receiving Coordinator(630) 844-5131  Dunham Hallclawless
Sim, PamBookstore Manager(630) 844-5523  Dunham Hallpsim
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Blatz, DebraProfessor of Marketing(630) 844-3825  Dunham Hall 229dzahayblatz
Brooks, IleanaAssociate Professor(630) 844-4892  Dunham Hall 235ibrooks
Danner, DonAssistant Professor(630) 844-6884  Dunham Hall 224ddanner
Frost, DavidAssociate Professor(630) 844-3846  Dunham Hall 234dfrost
Green, ShawnProfessor/Vernon Haase(630) 844-5527  Dunham Hall 223sgreen
Harrington, ArthurAssistant Professor(630) 844-4894  Dunham Hall 228jharring
Mann, AnthonyVisiting Instructor & Chair Business Prgrm947-8942  Orchard Center 301amann
Moran, TimAssociate Professor Accounting(630) 844-7805  Dunham Hall 227tmoran
Tarling, MaryAssociate Professor of Accounting(630) 844-7802  Dunham Hall 231mtarling
VanderSchee, BrianAssociate Professor(630) 844-6554  Dunham Hall 232bvanders
Business OfficeTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Barker, TamieAccountant(630) 844-5494  443 Gladstonetbarker
Birdwell, KathyAccts Payable Clerk(630) 844-5495  443 Gladstonekbirdwel
Byars, CandiceAssistant Controller(630) 844-5259  439 Gladstonecbyars
Ferry, StacyBusiness Office Specialist - GWC(262) 245-8517  Admin Building (GWC)sferry
Manners, KarenPurchasing Clerk/Receptionist(630) 844-5492  443 Gladstonekmanners
Maxwell, SharonAssistant Vice President and Controller(630) 844-5630  443 Gladstonesmaxwell
O'Connor, NancyStaff Accountant(630) 844-3856  443 Gladstonenoconnor
Rodriguez, MarlenSenior Accountant - Payroll/Compliance(630) 844-5487  439 Gladstonemrodriguez
Campus SafetyTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Alcaraz, RamonCampus Public Safety Officer Level Two(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnralcaraz
Beck, EmilyCampus Public Safety Officer Level Two(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnebeck
Bergeson, ConnieCampus Public Safety Dispatcher(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawncbergeson
Bolt, GaryDirector of Campus Public Safety(630) 844-6878  1408 Southlawngbolt
Brankin, JoeCampus Public Safety Lieutenant(630) 844-5451  1408 Southlawnjbrankin
Carr, MatthewCampus Public Safety Officer Level Two(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnmcarr
Crowley Jr, DonaldCampus Public Safety Officer Level 1(262) 245-8592  Lewis Hall (GWC)
Goodspeed, TomPRN Campus Public Safety Officer Level 2(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawntgoodspe
Heitzman, AndrewCampus Public Safety Officer Level Two(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnaheitzma
Hollenbeck, BrettCampus Public Safety PT Level 1(262) 245-8592  Lewis Hall (GWC)bhollenb
Kazy-Garey Jr, DanielDirector of Campus Public Safety - GWC(262) 245-8587   (GWC)dkazy-garey
Kuhlow, BrittneyCampus Public Safety Officer Level 1(262) 245-8592  Lewis Hall (GWC)bcunning
Lee III, JimmyCampus Public Safety Officer Level 1(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnjlee
Miller, ChrisCampus Public Safety Officer Level Two(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawncsmiller
Ploog, KenCampus Public Safety Officer PT- Level 2(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnkploog
Rios, LuisPRN Campus Public Safety Officer Level 2(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnlrios
Schlater, ChrisCampus Public Safety PT Level 1(262) 245-8592  Lewis Hall (GWC)cshlate
Treacy, PatrickWatch Supervisor, Sergeant(630) 844-7847  1408 Southlawnptreacy
VanDyke, PhillipCampus Public Safety Officer Level Two(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnpvandyke
Walters, NickPRN Campus Public Safety Officer Level 2(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnnwalters
Weiler, RobertPRN Campus Public Safety Officer Level 2(630) 844-6140  1408 Southlawnrweiler
Zobel, CarmenWatch Supervisor, Sergeant(630) 844-3708  1408 Southlawnczobel
Career ServicesTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Hoehne, TerriCareer Success Counselor(630) 844-6882  Eckhart Hall 316Cthoehne
Nair, VictoriaDirector of Career Services(630) 844-5403  Eckhart Hall 316Btnair
Neitzel, MichelleStudent Employment Coordinator(630) 844-6880  Eckhart Hall 316Amneitzel
Center for Teaching / LearningTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Aloisio, PatTest Proctor(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarypaloisio
Buettner, MaryWriting Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarybuettner
Christiano, VivianWriting Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Libraryvchristi
Comeford, CathyAdministrative Assistant Center for Teaching and Learning(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarycomeford
Driscoll, KatieWriting Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarydriscoll
Hess, LindaMath Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarylhess
Huenecke, AdamWriting Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Libraryahueneck
Jung, NancyMath/Science Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarynjung
Lausier, SusanDir Center Teaching/Learning/Disability Resource Office(630) 844-5267  Phillips Libraryslausier
Marchetti, SandraWriting Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarysmarchet
Meeks, AndreWriting Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Libraryameeks
Neal, JarrettAssistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning(630) 844-6172  Phillips Libraryjneal
Paar, ChrisMath Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarycpaar
Smoot, DennisMath Specialist(630) 844-5520  Phillips Librarydsmoot
College Professional StudiesTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Dial, DaveAsst Professor of Criminal Justice/Chair of Crim Justice(630) 844-4930  Dunham Hall 222ddial
Kooi, BrandonAssociate Professor Criminal Justice(630) 844-4236  Dunham Hall 226bkooi
McKeel, AutumnAssistant Professor Applied Behavioral Analysis947-8922  Orchard Center 303amckeel
Roberts, ChristinePro-Rata Asst Professor  croberts
Walker, StephenDirector ABS/Asst Prof ABS947-8939  Orchard Center 316swalker
Whitus, StephanieAssociate Professor Criminal Justice(630) 844-7532  Dunham Hall 233swhitus
Community RelationsTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Aloisio, LoriDirector of University Events(630) 844-6858  Founders Annex 109laloisio
Heinz, NickEvents Technical Assistant Manager(630) 844-4911  Dunham Hall 204nheinz
Kubicek, TonyEvents Technical Manager(630) 844-5658  Dunham Hall 204akubicek
Lief, TracyDirector of Special Events(630) 844-5531  Founders Housetlief
McGary, SuzySpecial Projects Manager(630) 844-6534  Founders Annex 107smcgary
Russe, SarahVice President for Community Relations(630) 844-4620  Eckhart Hall 324srusse
Straughn, JoanUniversity Events Coordinator(630) 844-7834  Founders Annex 108jstraughn
Waters, LisaDirector of Special Projects(630) 844-6199  Eckhart Hall 324lwaters
Conference CenterTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Paladino, BillDirector of Campus Operations(262) 245-8519  Admin Building (GWC)wpaladin
Copy CenterTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Ragagli, SandyCopy Center(630) 844-5518  740 W Prairie 102copyctr
Crouse CenterTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Haritos, LillianaAcademic Support Secretary(630) 844-6871  Eckhart Hall 310lharitos
Hiller, RyanSpartan Fellow(630) 844-5629  Eckhart Hall 310Erhiller
Johnson, KristenWackerlin Fellow/Academic Advisor(630) 844-5624  Eckhart Hall 310Bkjohnson
Landwehr, BrynnDirector of Research on Retention & Teaching Effectiveness(630) 844-7861  Eckhart Hall 312Clandwehr
Lohrman, MaryAcademic Advisor(630) 844-5156  Eckhart Hall 312Bmlohrman
Lutz, LaurenCrouse Center Advisers(630) 844-4628  Eckhart Hall 310Ellutz
Robinson, KidadaAcademic Advisor/Black Student Initiatives(630) 844-5447  Eckhart Hall 312Akrobinso
Robinson, LanceAcademic Advisor(630) 844-6179  Eckhart Hall 310Elrobinso
Thanepohn, CaleyAcademic Advisor(630) 844-4935  Eckhart Hall 312Dcthanepohn
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Anderson, LauraInitial Certification Program Coordinator(630) 844-5245  Institute for Collaboration 222landerson
Bertrand, DanPro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationdbertran
Bjork, LoriPro-Rata Instructor  Institute for Collaborationlbjork
Boer, HankProfessor(630) 844-4624  Institute for Collaboration 326hboer
Booth, DavidPro-Rata Faculty(630) 844-5427  Institute for Collaborationdbooth
Booth, JocelynDirector of the School of Education(630) 844-4647  Institute for Collaboration 226Fjbooth
Boyd, SharonAdministrative Assistant(630) 844-5632  Institute for Collaboration 226 sboyd
Bradley, KathleenAssociate Professor/Special Education Chair(630) 844-5269  Institute for Collaboration 222Ekbradley
Brotcke, DebProfessor(630) 844-5528  Institute for Collaboration 231dbrotcke
Brouman, DeborahVisiting Instructor Education(630) 844-4641  Institute for Collaboration 323dbrouman
Carlson, RichardPro-Rata Faculty(630) 844-5229  Institute for Collaboration 325rcarlson
Cordoba, MariaPro-Rata Faculty  mcordoba
Danis, AndiCohort Program Manager(630) 844-3857  Institute for Collaboration 226Eadanis
Edwards, MarvinProfessor(630) 844-4625  Institute for Collaboration 219medwards
Erickson, JoanProfessor(630) 844-5685  Institute for Collaboration 229joericks
Fee, JoanProfessor/Chair Doctoral Program(630) 844-6232  Institute for Collaboration 217jfee
Ferdinand, PamCoordinator, Future Educator Association(630) 844-6233  Institute for Collaboration 229pferdina
Gaither, PennieInitial Certification Program Coordinator(630) 844-3858  Institute for Collaboration 222pgaither
Gaska, CraigPro-Rata Faculty(630) 844-6200  Institute for Collaboration 222Ccgaska
Hammack, SusanAccreditation Coordinator(630) 844-3696  Institute for Collaborationshammack
Hanlon, EmilyPro-Rata Faculty  ehanlon
Hays, DebPro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationdhays
Hess, JeanAssistant Professor of Special Education(630) 844-5626  Institute for Collaboration 325jhess
Howerton, EdwardAssistant Director of the School of Education(630) 844-5626  Institute for Collaboration 226Behowerton
Huettner, AnnettePart-Time Data Coordinator(630) 844-5264  Institute for Collaboration 209huettner
Huff, MarieDirector, Field Experiences(630) 844-4938  Institute for Collaboration 222Fmhuff
Husby, BrianProfessor(630) 844-5686  Institute for Collaboration 231bhusby
Jackson, TomAssistant Professor(630) 844-5631  Institute for Collaboration 226Btjackson
Keefer, PeggyVisiting Assistant Professor(630) 844-5656  Institute for Collaboration 226Dpkeefer
Klein, StevenPro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationsklein
Knigge, SaraPro-Rata Faculty  sknigge
Kober, RalphPro-Rata Faculty(630) 844-3835  Institute for Collaborationrkober
Kohnke, JenniferAssistant Professor(630) 844-5684  Institute for Collaboration 224jkohnke
Kurns, KathieCAPP Program Coordinator(630) 844-3845  Institute for Collaboration 126Ckkurns
Lange, MichelleAdministrative Assistant(630) 844-6145  1414 Southlawnmrlange
LeBlanc, DebraVisiting Assistant Professor(630) 844-5458  Institute for Collaboration 226dleblanc
Lenoff, ElliottPro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationelenoff
Long, LauraMasters Program Secretary(630) 844-3835  Institute for Collaboration 226llong
Maxwell, JudyCoordinator, Future Educator Association(630) 844-7578  Institute for Collaboration 229jmaxwell
Medina Gonzalez, FelixPro-Rata Faculty  fmedina
Moore, LisaClinical Field Supervisor(630) 844-4646  Institute for Collaboration 226Blmoore
Morris, PhillipPro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationpmorris
O'Brien, TerencePro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationtobrien
Ojaghi, MiriamPro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationmojaghi
Rivera, DionnesAssociate Professor(630) 844-4649  Institute for Collaboration 222Gdrivera
Ross, DeliaPro-Rata Faculty  dross
Rottmann, MelissaPro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationmrottmann
Rusevic, AlicePro-Rata Faculty(630) 844-4645  Institute for Collaboration 323arusevic
Stevens-Marchigiani, DebProfessor(630) 844-5425  Institute for Collaboration 222Ddmarchig
Streit, LynnClinical Placement Secretary(630) 844-3824  Institute for Collaborationlstreit
Struck, JohnAssociate Professor(630) 844-5613  Institute for Collaboration 325jstruck
Thomas, JayAssociate Professor(630) 844-6231  Institute for Collaboration 223jthomas
Varney, JimAssociate Professor(630) 844-4572  Institute for Collaboration 222Bjvarney
Vivirito, JessicaAssistant Professor(630) 844-5782  Institute for Collaboration 224jvivirit
Warren, WhitneyProgram Secretary CAPPS(630) 844-4227  Institute for Collaboration 126Cwelder
Willman, CynthiaClinical Placement Coordinator(630) 844-4642  Institute for Collaboration 209cwillman
Wold, DonaldChair of CAPPS(630) 844-5610  Institute for Collaboration 126Ddwold
Wold, EllenPro-Rata Faculty  Institute for Collaborationewold
Wulffen, BobPro-Rata Faculty(630) 844-3835  Institute for Collaborationrwulffen
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Campbell, MarilynAssistant Vice President - Student Accts/Financial Resources(630) 844-5471  Eckhart Hall 103mcampbel
Carroll, TomAssistant Vice President - Budget(630) 844-6855  Eckhart Hall 308tscarrol
Kailus, JoyceAdministrative Assistant for Vice President Finance(630) 844-5457  Eckhart Hall 308jkailus
Mahindra, AnkushAssistant Vice President, Finance(630) 844-6849  Eckhart Hall 308amahindra
Financial AidTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Becker, JennyStudent Financial Services Counselor(630) 844-6556  Eckhart Hall 201jbecker
Campbell, TashaAssistant Director Financial Aid(630) 844-3684  Eckhart Hall 201tashcamp
Day, KirstenStudent Financial Services Counselor(630) 844-6533  Eckhart Hall 205kmday
Ferrel, DavidStudent Financial Services Counselor(630) 844-5141  Eckhart Hall 201dferrel
Janssen, LindsayStudent Financial Services Counselor(630) 844-4916  Eckhart Hall 201ljanssen
McKane, HeatherDean of Student Financial Services(630) 844-5448  Eckhart Hall 205hmckane
McKeen, DougFinancial Aid Assistant(630) 844-7821  Eckhart Hall 201dmckeen
Nunez, RosaAnaFinancial Aid Receptionist/ Compliance Assistant(630) 844-6190  Eckhart Hall 205rnunez
O'Connor, KatieStudent Financial Services Counselor Part-Time(630) 844-4948  Eckhart Hall 201koconnor
Weaver, GarrettStudent Financial Services Counselor(630) 844-6853  Eckhart Hall 205gweaver
Zmolek, DianneFinancial Aid Loan Coordinator(630) 844-6505  Eckhart Halldzmolek
George Williams CollegeTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Agostinone, FaithAssociate Professor(630) 844-4226  Institute for Collaboration 221fwilson
Austin, KristiField Coordinator - Social Work(262) 245-8507  Meyer Hall 220 (GWC)jaustin
Boniak, RichardAssistant Professor(262) 245-8612  Meyer Hall 205 (GWC)rboniak
Borquist, DebraAssistant Professor Social Work/GWC(262) 245-8567  Meyer Hall (GWC)dborquis
Breister, ColtonUndergraduate Admission Counselor(262) 245-8573   (GWC)cbreiste
Campbell, RobertAssistant Professor Social Work/GWC(262) 245-8569  Meyer Hall 205 (GWC)rcampbel
Dunn, RachelAssistant Professor Social Work/GWC(262) 245-8578  Meyer Hall 201 (GWC)rdunn
Fedota, JoanAssistant Professor Social Work/GWC(262) 245-8621  Meyer Hall 216 (GWC)jfedota
Harmon, KailleyDirector of Freshman Admission(262) 245-8586  Hamlin Welcome Center (GWC)kharmon
Harvey, MeredithAssistant Professor(262) 245-8613  Meyer Hall 217 (GWC)mharvey
Herrick, JenniferDirector of Student Success(262) 245-8572  Meyer Hall 202 (GWC)jherrick
Herrick, KateInterim Vice President Gwc(262) 245-8581  Meyer Hall 216 (GWC)kherrick
Herrick, KateInterim Vice President GWC(630)844-5688  Eckhart Hall 302kherrick
Ingo, SamanthaTransfer Coordinator/Advisor(262) 245-8658  College Inn (GWC)singo
Johnson, SaraAssistant Professor(262) 245-8527  Meyer Hall 217 (GWC)sjohnson
Leifeld, JaredDirector of Student Community/Engagement(262) 245-8534  College Inn (GWC)jleifeld
Mayrose, JulieExecutive Dean for George Williams College(262) 245-8576  Hamlin Welcome Center (GWC)jmayrose
McReynolds, TomProject Coordinator(262) 245-8580  Admin Building (GWC)tmcreyno
Porter, KimEnrollment Visit Coordinator(262) 245-8669  Hamlin Welcome Center (GWC)kporter
Richards-Wilson, StephaniVisiting Asst Prof Global Studies/Entrepreneurship(262) 245-8621  Meyer Hall (GWC)srichards
Roberts, ThomasCoordinator Student Wellness & Leadership(262) 245-8571  Admin Building (GWC)troberts
Rowehl, JuliaManager, Academic Services Office(262) 245-8597  Winston Paul Educational Center 110 (GWC)jrowehl
Sterba, SunnyGWC Registrar(262) 245-8543  Winston Paul Educational Center (GWC)ssterba
Wells, ChrisAssistant Professor Parks and Recreation(262) 245-8570  Meyer Hall 219 (GWC)cwells
Graduate StudiesTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Othman, SaibDean of Graduate and Adult Studies(630) 844-4229  Stephens Hall 208Asothman
Human ResourcesTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Beck, AlysonHuman Resources Generalist(630) 844-5260  439 Gladstoneambeck
Sherman, AllisonDirector of John C. Dunham Stem Partnership School(630) 844-6144  1414 Southlawnasherman
Weis, MaryDirector of Human Resources(630) 844-3866  439 Gladstonemweis
Information Technology ServiceTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Angel, JimJunior Systems Adminstrator(630) 844-4934  Dunham Hall 013jangel
Ball, KathySenior Programmer Analyst(630) 844-5415  Dunham Hall 212kball
Benewich, DonnaSenior Programmer Analyst(630) 844-4886  Dunham Hall 212dbenewich
Bennett, DeborahAssistant Vice President/Chief Information Officer(630) 844-4884  Dunham Hall 219dbennett
Boll, CathySenior Director ERP Administrator(630) 844-4899  Dunham Hall 212cboll
Day, KimberliSenior Programmer Analyst(630) 844-4920  Dunham Hall 212kday
Flesher, ToddSenior Director, End User Computing(630) 844-7520  Dunham Hall 215Btflesher
Gill, TanyaDirector, Infrastructure and Security(630) 844-4882  Dunham Hall 215Btgill
Howard, HurstelSenior Director, Systems Administration(630) 844-4889  Dunham Hall 218hhoward
Lantz, JoeClassroom Technology Manager(630) 844-6860  Dunham Hall 013jlantz
Luna, TimothyProgrammer/Analyst(630) 844-4890  Dunham Hall 212tluna
Troyer, ScottJunior Network Administrator(630) 844-4897  Dunham Hall 239stroyer
Vogel, DavidGWC Director of Campus Technologies(262) 245-8563   (GWC)dvogel
Institute for CollaborationTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Crouch, ChrisAssistant Director of the Institute for Collaboration(630) 844-3770  Institute for Collaboration 126ccrouch
Eagle, SherryExecutive Director, Institute for Collaboration(630) 844-4626  Institute for Collaboration 126Eseagle
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Clark, KathyInformation Services Librarian(630) 844-5443  Phillips Librarykclark
Culhane, KayAccess Services Manager(630) 844-5439  Phillips Library 103kculhane
Hoffman, EmilyInformation Services Librarian - Part-Time(630) 844-5439  Phillips Libraryehoffman
Huggins, JewelSecretary(630) 844-5437  Phillips Library 101jhuggins
Jackson-Beck, LaurenInformation Services Librarian(630) 844-5525  Phillips Librarylbeck
Law, JohnDirector of University Library(630) 844-5438  Phillips Library 101jlaw
Mactague, NancyResearch and Electronic Resources Librarian(630) 844-5441  Phillips Library 103nmactag
Manion, AmyInformation Services Librarian(630) 844-5442  Phillips Libraryamyman
Miller, CorinneInformation Services Librarian(630) 844-5440  Phillips Librarycmiller
Palmer, SusanProfessor Emerita, Curator, Jenks Memorial Collection(630) 844-5499  Phillips Libraryspalmer
Seifrid, AndiAcquisitions Manager(630) 844-5444  Phillips Library 103aseifrid
Valantinas, HelenInformation Services Librarian(630) 844-5653  Phillips Libraryhvalantinas
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Gaddy, VanessaMailroom Coordinator(630) 844-7823  435 S Randallvgaddy
Rutherford, AlanMail Center Manager(630) 844-7824  435 S Randallarutherf
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Bero, MegDirector of the Schingoethe Center(630) 844-7844  Founders Housembero
Music by the LakeTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Flasch, ChristineExecutive Director MBTL(262) 245-8553  Brandenburg (GWC)cflasch
Meyer, JenniferAdmin Asst to Senior VP GWC/Exec Artistic Dir MBTL(262) 245-8588  Brandenburg (GWC)jmmeyer
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Battista, CorinneAssociate Professor Nursing(630) 844-5241  Alumni Hall 213cbattista
Camp, NancyAssistant Professor Nursing/Clinical Lab Coordinator(630) 844-5135  Alumni Hall 206ncamp
Delizo, NordanAssistant Professor Nursing(630) 844-6883  Alumni Hall 207ndelizo
Edgers, DeannAssociate Professor/RN to BSN Chair(630) 844-5134  Alumni Hall 221dedgers
Garcia, JulieAssistant Professor Nursing(630) 844-5157  Alumni Hall 210jgarcia
Gries, JaniceVisiting Assistant Professor(630) 844-5227  Alumni Hall 221jgries
Kisch, TeresaAssistant Professor Nursing(630) 844-5522  Alumni Hall 209tkisch
Locklin, MaryannePro-Rata Associate Professor(630) 844-5133  Alumni Hall 218mlocklin
Lockwood, BarbaraDirector School of Nursing(630) 844-5139  Alumni Hall 230lockwood
LoVerde, JanetAssistant Professor Nursing(630) 844-5140  Alumni Hall 211jloverde
Novak, SuzanneAssociate Professor Nursing(630) 844-7832  Alumni Hall 205snovak
Petges, NancyAssistant Professor Nursing(630) 844-5136  Alumni Hall 212npetges
Sommers, DeannaAssistant Professor Nursing(630) 844-3839  Alumni Hall 217dsommers
Swan, CindyAdministrative Assistant(630) 844-5130  Alumni Hall 222cswan
Thomas, CharleneAssistant Professor Nursing(630) 844-5295  Alumni Hall 214cthomas
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Everhart, JenniferOnline Student Manager947-8921  Orchard Center 300jeverhart
Fowler, LloydOnline Enrollment Counselor800-293-7075ext7683  lfowler
Harris, EmilyOnline Sucess Coach800-993-5761ext7544  eharris
Hawkes, SarahOnline Enrollment Counselor800-293-7075ext7741  shawkes
Lowrey, RobertOnline Enrollment Counselor800-293-7075ext7696  rlowrey
Miranda, EdwardBusiness Development Specialist947-8923  Orchard Center 300emiranda
Tierney, MichaelOnline Enrollment Counselor800-293-7075ext7524  mtierney
Physical EducationTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Beebe, StacyAssociate Professor Physical Education(630) 844-6186  Institute for Collaboration 324sbeebe
Buckley, JenDir School Health/Physical Education/Associate Professor(630) 844-6155  Institute for Collaboration 327jbuckley
Chapman, RachaelPro Rata Instructor/Coordinator Youth Sports/Asst Coach(630) 844-3695  Institute for Collaboration 326chapmanr
Heiliger, JasonPro-Rata Faculty  jheilige
Herrmann, KeithPro-Rata Instructor Physical Education  Institute for Collaborationkherrman
Krieger, OscarAssociate Professor Physical Education(630) 844-4224  Institute for Collaboration 326okrieger
Radtke, SarahAssociate Professor Physical Education(630) 844-5113  Institute for Collaboration 324sradtke
Tugman, BeckyPro-Rata Faculty  btugman
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Frank, SherrylAdministrative Assistant to the President(630) 844-5476  Eckhart Hall 203sfrank
Larson, SteveCommissioner of the Northern Athletics Conference  gslarson
Sharrer, MaggieExecutive Assistant to the President(630) 844-5475  Eckhart Hall 203msharrer
Sherrick, RebeccaPresident(630) 844-5476  Eckhart Hall 203Bsherrick
Somerville, YvetteDirector of Events(262) 245-8536  Beasley Campus Center (GWC)ysomerville
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Becker, ChrisRegistration Specialist(630) 844-5461  Eckhart Hall 103cbecker
Krave, PatTranscript Evaluator(630) 844-5537  Eckhart Hall 103pkrave
McKeen, LynnAdministrative Assistant - Registrar(630) 844-5462  Eckhart Hall 103lmckeen
Myczek, StevenDegree Audit/Transfer Specialist(630) 844-4937  Eckhart Hall 101smyczek
Ruffin, RebeccaAssistant Registrar(630) 844-5453  Eckhart Hall 103Arruffin
Spencer, BrookeRegistrar-Student Accounts Clerk947-8920  Orchard Center 318bspencer
Trudo, KendraRegistrar Specialist(630) 844-5413  Eckhart Hall 103ktrudo
Wisniowicz, LisaRegistrar(630) 844-6852  Eckhart Halllwisni
Social WorkTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Arendt, AlisonDirector of Field Work/Chair of Undergrad Social Work-9478933  Orchard Center 310aarendt
Barnwell, BrendaAssociate Professor of Social Work-9478934  Orchard Center 300bbarnwel
Brendel, KristenAssistant Professor Social Work(630) 844-5793  Alumni Hall 113kbrendel
Bruhn, ChrisDirector of Assessment/Assistant Professor of Social Work(630) 844-5405  Alumni Hall 110cbruhn
Bulanda, JeffreyAssistant Professor Social Work  Alumni Hall 118jbulanda
Carr, DeborahPart Time Faculty(630) 844-5422  Alumni Hall 118dcarr
Castillo, RobAssociate Professor of Social Work(630) 844-4570  Alumni Hall 115rcastill
Cimmarusti, RoccoVisiting Assistant Professor(630) 844-5539  Alumni Hall 114rcimmaru
Hall, ElaineSecretary School of Social Work(630) 844-5419  Alumni Hall 131ehall
Happ, MarissaAssistant Professor Social Work947-8932  Orchard Center 300mhapp
Kronner, HenryAssociate Professor - Social Work(630) 844-5794  Alumni Hall 119hkronner
Kutemeier, AndrewCoordinator of Field Instruction947-8936  Orchard Center 311akutemei
McKenzie, FredDirector of the School of Social Work947-8930  Orchard Center 309mckenzie
Phelps, DonProfessor Social Work(630) 844-4238  Alumni Hall 117dphelps
Ressl, WilliamPart Time Faculty947-8935  Orchard Center 300wressl
Revelle, ConstanceGraduate Registration Coordinator947-8931  Orchard Center 300crevelle
Winkeler, CraigVisiting Instructor(630) 844-5426  Alumni Hall 111cwinkele
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Albanese, JohnExecutive Chef(630) 844-6892  Alumni Hall 111jalbanese
Bebar, CorriePhysical Properties(630) 844-5477  740 W Prairie 101cbebar
Bindrim, ThomasFacilities - Maintenance(262) 245-8558   (GWC)lgmaint
Blakesly, MelindaFood Service(262) 245-8528   (GWC)foodserv
Brodie, SteveCatering(630) 844-5784  Alumni Hall 111catering
Cardenas, SaaraPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Cardona, MariaPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Casas, MarcelinaPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Collier, ShannonFacilities Administrative Assistant(262) 245-8558   (GWC)scollier
Corral, RaulPhysical Properties(630) 844-3828  740 W Prairie 101rcorral
Fuller, ChuckPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101cfuller
Hurn, LarryPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Jimenez, SaraPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Martinez, GonzaloPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Marungo, AscencionPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
McDermott, RobertGuest Services(262) 245-8530   (GWC)gservice
Metcalf, ChrisPhysical Properties(630) 844-3821  740 W Prairie 103cmetcalf
Nunez, LauraPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Nunez, MariaPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Patino, RafaelPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101
Peterson, ScottPhysical Properties(630) 844-3820  740 W Prairie 101
Rutherford, TerryPhysical Properties(630) 844-5534  740 W Prairie 101trutherf
Schwarz, LisaCatering(630) 844-5784  Alumni Hall 111lschwarz
Serna, MariaGuest Services(262) 245-8530   (GWC)gservice
Shamblin, DebbieOffice Manager(630) 844-5783  Alumni Hall 111sodexo
Shumaker, GaryGeneral Manager(630) 844-5536  740 W Prairie 101gshumake
Simpson, JamieCatering(630) 844-5784  Alumni Hall 111catering
Stenfeldt, DougGeneral Manager - Food Services(630) 844-5789  Alumni Hall 111dstenfel
Tesch, TheresaResident Dining Manager(630) 844-6896  Alumni Hall 111
Tram, AndrewPhysical Properties(630)270-7128  740 W Prairie 101atram
Student AccountsTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Buckingham, EllenStudent Accounts Specialist(630) 844-5470  Eckhart Hall 103ebucking
Buss, LoriCollections Specialist(630) 844-4206  Eckhart Hall 101lbuss
Davis, SandyStudent Accounts Specialist(630) 844-5621  Eckhart Hall 101sdavis
Perez, LucyCashier/Student Accounts Specialist(630) 844-5470  Eckhart Hall 103lperez
Schrader, NicoleAssociate Director of Student Accounts(630) 844-5456  Eckhart Hall 103nschrade
Student LifeTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Curran, BrianResidence Hall Director(630) 844-4629  Eckhart Hall 106Abcurran
deLacey, LoraVice President for Student Life(630) 844-5510  Eckhart Hall 204Cldelacey
Fuller, EmilyAdministrative Assistant to the VP Student Life(630) 844-3703  Eckhart Hall 204efuller
Ginnett, DanaAssistant Director of Residence Life(630) 844-5446  Eckhart Hall 105Bdginnett
Gray, AmyAssistant Vice President for Student Life(630) 844-5467  Eckhart Hall 310Cagray
Hall, JulieStudent Succes Counselor/Academic Advisor(630) 844-5454  Eckhart Hall 310Djhall
Hendricks, CatherineCounselor/9 Months(630) 844-5406  1400 Southlawnchendric
Khoury, MattAssistant Dean of Residence Life(630) 844-4578  Eckhart Hall 105Amkhoury
McDermott, BridgetResidence Hall Director(630) 844-6192  Eckhart Hall 106Bbmcdermo
Mebane, SarahCounselor/Staff Psychologist(630) 844-5220  1400 Southlawnsmebane
Neitzel, ShaunDean of Student Life(630) 844-6515  Eckhart Hall 105Csneitzel
Nettrouer, LynnetteResidence Hall Director(630) 844-4628  Eckhart Hall 106Dlnettrouer
Reetz, DavidDirector of Counseling Center(630) 844-5416  1400 Southlawndreetz
Russe, MeganCoordinator of Student Activities(630) 844-5452  Stephens Hall 3mrusse
Skierkiewicz, BrandyDirector of Student Engagement(630) 844-3823  Stephens Hall 1bskierki
Vrtis, AprilResidence Hall Director(630) 844-4627  Eckhart Hall 106Cavrtis
Wagar, NathanResidence Hall Director GWC(262) 245-8662  College Inn (GWC)nwagar
University CommunicationsTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Beatty, StevieCoordinator of Special Projects(630) 844-5481  1414 Southlawnsbeatty
Crylen, MaryGraphic Designer, GWC(262) 245-8548   (GWC)mcrylen
Drier, TeresaGraphic Designer(630) 844-3709  1414 Southlawntdrier
Griffis, NicGraphic Designer(630) 844-6844  1414 Southlawnngriffis
Hardesty, ScottMultimedia Producer(630) 844-3861  1414 Southlawnshardesty
Kocsis, JohnSenior Director of Digital Communications(630) 844-7519  1414 Southlawnjkocsis
Kollm, StephanieAssistant Vice President for Communications(630) 844-6857  1414 Southlawnskollm
McFarland, StevenVice President University Communications and Administration(630) 844-5496  1414 Southlawnsmcfarla
McFarland, StevenVice President University Communications and Administration(262) 245-8525  Admin Building (GWC)smcfarla
Meers, SaraCommunications Director(630) 844-5488  1414 Southlawnsmeers
Pittenger, JeremyEditorial Director(630) 844-4922  1414 Southlawnjpitteng
Sargam, ShrutiWeb Developer(630) 844-4233  1414 Southlawnssargam
Schrage, AmyCommunications Director, GWC(630) 844-5244  1414 Southlawnaschrage
Scurte, JessiCreative Director(630) 844-6188  1414 Southlawnjscurte
Wackerlin Ctr Faith & ActionTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Berliner, ThomasAssociate Professor of Business-9478941  Orchard Center 302tberliner
Calvert, BarbDirector of Programming, Wackerlin Center(630) 844-6865  430 Evanslawn 101bcalvert
Dean, JonathanAssistant Professor/Religion/Chaplain/Director Ministries(630) 844-6866  430 Evanslawn 103jdean
Parge, TedExecutive Vice President for Advancement(630) 844-5262  430 Evanslawn 100tparge
Taylor, TrudyAdministrative Assistant for Executive VP(630) 844-7586  430 Evanslawn 104ttaylor
Wellness CenterTop
NamePositionPhoneLocation *Email
Block, CherylDirector of the Wellness Center(630) 844-5434  1400 Southlawncblock
Hapke, CynthiaWellness Center Nurse - Part-Time(630) 844-5434  1400 Southlawnchapke
Leggett, MaryJoWellness Center Nurse - Part-Time(630) 844-5434  1400 Southlawnmleggett

Posted 7/28/14
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