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35318SOC 3810 01ST: Global Health & MedicineAurora - Main Campus4.0005/06/13 05/25/13 ECKH 422 BLN MTH 05:30PM 09:30PMBarbara Strassberg Description: Social, economic, and political forces powerfully influence who gets sick, what diseases afflict them, which treatments are available, and the outcomes of those treatments. Why are outcomes of HIV infection so different in different countries, and why do they vary widely even within the United States? Why does heart disease persist as the world?s leading cause of death, even though the measures needed to prevent it have been known for over fifty years? All physicians encounter such questions in their clinical work. These questions cannot be answered by studying molecular biology and pathophysiology alone. Medical education and practice must be grounded in an understanding of social medicine, a field of inquiry that uses the methods of the social sciences and the humanities to analyze disease and medical care. This course will introduce students to the theory and practice of social medicine to enable them to recognize these forces, to understand how they affect their patients, and to develop appropriate responses. Assigned readings & discussions will address (1) the determinants of disease and health inequalities between populations and over time; (2) how social factors influence medical knowledge and health care; and (3) what must be done to combat and prevent health inequalities in local, national, and global contexts. No prerequisites. The course is recommended as an elective for SOC, PSC, & Health Science Majors. Blended Course Format: This course will be offered as a ?blended? course, both in class & online. The on-campus meeting dates/times would be Mondays, May 6 and May 13 and Thursday, May 23 from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Course Types: Upper Level GENERAL ED

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August 26, 2013