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REL (Religion)

35246REL 3810 01ST: Imaging EvilAurora - Main Campus4.0005/06/13 05/25/13 ECKH 422 LEC MTWTH 01:00PM 04:30PMEric Schwarze Description: This course examines ways in which evil is imaged, conceptualized, personified, and confronted, primarily within Christianity and Judaism. Specifically, the course explores the origin and evolving use of the concepts of "Satan" and "antichrist" within Judaism and Christianity. The course invites students to consider whether making use of literal embodiments or symbolism of evil may be a necessary, helpful, counterproductive, or dangerours approach when embraced by a faith tradition or culture. Consideration is also given to the ways in which choices made about how to image evil influence the world views, behaviors, and belief systems of individuals, religious traditions, and cultures. The course draws on scholarship, literature, and film, in addition to off campus visits to two museums. No prerequisites. Field Trip Course Fee: Additional course fee of $26 will be charged at time of registration to cover admission fees to two museums in addition to tuition. Course Types: Aesthetic&Philosophical-A/Upper Level GENERAL ED
* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

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April 07, 2013