Aurora University Class Schedules - - PSY (Psychology)

35241PSY 3350 01Child & Adolescent DevelopmentAurora - Main Campus4.0005/06/13 05/25/13 INST 312 LEC MTWTH 08:30AM 12:30PMValerie Flynn PRE-REQS: Take PSY-1100 or EDU-2260; Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-A/Upper Level GENERAL ED
35243PSY 3810 02CBSA-ST:The Nature of NurtureAurora - Main Campus4.0005/06/13 05/25/13 ECKH 422 LEC TWTHF 09:00AM 01:00PMDavid Rudek Description: What makes us who we are? This course will explore the relative contributions of biology and the environment on human thinking and behavior. A primary focus of the course will be to design and implement a collaborative study examining the factors that influence a variety of physical, cognitive, and social characteristics. Objectives include gaining knowledge and experience in the theory and methods of behavioral geneticists while gaining a better understanding of what underlies our own uniqueness. Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-A/Upper Level GENERAL ED

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

August 26, 2013