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35245COM 3810 01ST: Social MediaAurora - Main Campus3.0005/06/13 05/25/13 DUNH 101 LEC MTW 05:30PM 09:30PMHeidi Schlumpf Description: Social media have profoundly changed not only online communication, but also societal definitions of community and how those communities effect social change. With the advent of new tools and platforms, more and more people are maintaining relationships via new forms of mediated interaction. The result: former audience members becoming content creators, corporations and media organizations losing control of their marketing messages, and individuals facing new challenges regarding privacy, identity, and how their ideas and information are spread. This course will explore the opportunities, challenges, and implication of social media on society in general and the communications professions in particular, including journalism, public relations, advertising, and marketing. Grounded in theory, the course is equally rooted in practice, with some of the class discussion taking place in online and virtual environments. Students must be willing to participate in social networks, forums, blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, and more. Readings, class discussions, presentations by students and guest speakers will analyze effective strategies and applications of social media. The course will include a survey of the most important social network sites and their histories, a look at some current trends in social media and how they are affecting individuals and cultures, case studies exploring how social media are being used in media and corporate environments, and hands-on use of social media. Learning objectives include being able to think critically about issues related to social media and being able to think strategically about how to apply trends in social media to students? lives and careers. No prerequisites. No prior experience with social media is required for the course.

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August 26, 2013