Aurora University Class Schedules - 2012 Spring - SOC (Sociology)

27817SOC 1100 01Principles of SociologyAurora - Main Campus4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 DUNH 121 LEC MWF 10:40AM 11:45AMMarcus McGowan PRE-REQS: None No prerequisites.
29181SOC 1100 02Principles of SociologyGeorge Williams-Lake Geneva Cp4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 MYER 103 LEC TTH 01:15PM 03:00PMSara Johnson PRE-REQS: None Open to undergraduate students at George Williams College in Williams Bay, WI. Class will meet in Meyer 103.
29493SOC 1100 S2 01Principles of SociologyAurora - Main Campus4.0003/12/12 05/05/12 STPH 111 LEC M 05:30PM 10:00PMMark Enenbach PRE-REQS: None
27818SOC 2150 01Cultural AnthropologyAurora - Main Campus3.0001/09/12 05/05/12 ALUM 132 LEC MWF 09:20AM 10:10AMAmy Sorensen PRE-REQS: None No prerequisites.
27819SOC 2300 01CriminologyAurora - Main Campus4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 DUNH 011 LEC MWF 02:35PM 03:40PMDoug Kieso PRE-REQS: None Crosslisted with CRJ 2300-01. Meets general education Knowing Ourselves and Others - B requirement. No prerequisites.
28223SOC 2300 S2 01CriminologyAurora - Main Campus4.0003/12/12 05/05/12 ALUM 132 LEC M 05:30PM 10:00PMJoseph Leonas PRE-REQS: None Crosslisted with CRJ 2300 S2-01. Meets general education Knowing Ourselves and Others - B requirement. NOTE: Open to Adult Degree Completion students only.
27994SOC 3450 01Social & Applied PsychologyAurora - Main Campus4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 INST 320 LEC MWF 02:35PM 03:40PMRenae Franiuk PRE-REQS: Take PSY-1100 or SOC-1100; Crosslisted with PSY 3450.
27820SOC 3480 01Globalization & Social ChangeAurora - Main Campus4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 ALUM 132 LEC TTH 01:15PM 03:00PMBarbara Strassberg PRE-REQS: None No prerequisites. Crosslisted with PSC3480 01.
27821SOC 3550 01Women,Men,Family & DiversityAurora - Main Campus4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 ALUM 132 LEC TTH 03:15PM 05:00PMMark Enenbach PRE-REQS: None No prerequisites.
27822SOC 4320 01Seminar in Contemp Sociol ThryAurora - Main Campus4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 DUNH 203 LEC TTH 03:15PM 05:00PMBarbara Strassberg PRE-REQS: Take SOC-4310

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

November 06, 2012