Aurora University Class Schedules - 2012 Spring - SBS (Social and Behavioral Science)

27814SBS 1100 01Intro to Social SciencesAurora - Main Campus4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 INST 210 LEC MWF 02:35PM 03:40PMJeanine Clark Bremer PRE-REQS: None No prerequisites.
27815SBS 1100 02Intro to Social SciencesAurora - Main Campus4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 DUNH 001 LEC MWF 12:00PM 01:05PMCheryl Lemus PRE-REQS: None No prerequisites.
27816SBS 2100 01Human GeographyAurora - Main Campus3.0001/09/12 05/05/12 DUNH 120 LEC TTH 08:00AM 09:15AMMark Soderstrom PRE-REQS: None No prerequisites.
32160SBS 3820 01CBSA: Secd Mthds-Social StdTo Be Announced4.0001/09/12 05/05/12 TBA TBA IND TBA TBAGerald Butters PRE-REQS: 1)Take EDU-3720 2)Acceptance into the College of Education including passing the Basic Skills Test, maintaining a GPA of 3.00, passing a background check, and EDU2200 and EDU2260. Placement applications for the practicum are due to the College of Education placement coordinator the January before the academic year of the practicum or for transfer students upon acceptance into the College of Education. Orientation for Field Experience portion of methods: TBD.

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

November 06, 2012