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30870ENG 2810 03ST:Science of Science FictionAurora - Main Campus4.0005/07/12 05/26/12 DUNH 118 LEC MTWTH 09:00AM 01:00PMBridgitte Barclay PRE-REQS: None Description: This course will cover trends in science fiction and investigate how this type of literature is socio-political, how it reflects and creates sciences, and how current scientific and literary trajectories have historical basis in science fiction. Students will read short stories, novels, archival, and digital texts, both western and non-western, and the course will include time at the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute, and/or University of Chicago's Special Collections (including the Manhattan Project, Atomic Scientist Collection). Students will explore how science is a narrative, what it says about a culture, and how science fiction offers "what if" scenarios and ethical safeguards to constructively critique science. Prerequisites: ENG2010 or consent of instructor. Additional course fee: $75

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November 06, 2012