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30868CRJ 3810 01ST:Serial Killngs&Mass MrdrsOnline Course4.0005/07/12 05/26/12 TBA TBA ONL TBA TBAStephanie Whitus PRE-REQS: None Description: This course will be a broad-based overview of the phenomenon of serial homicide, and will involve learning about the various definitions and theories constructed to explain serial murder. The course will employ the extensive media available of interviews with the killers, crime scene information, and investigators, to analyze the development of accepted taxonomy employed by the FBI and scholars to organize and understand the various types of multiple homicide. Additional attention is given to the "serial killers" themselves, basic techniques of social-psychological profiling, the demographics of the crime of serial homicide, and the difficulties in apprehension of serial killers from the perspective of law enforcement officials. Information will be presented to students in an exercise to detect patterns in both solved and unsolved cases. Students will learn how professionals classify and predict the behavior patterns of serial murderers, and applications to rapists and child molesters. Students will learn to dispel the myths and hype surrounding of this type of crime. Some of the material presented and topics discussed are potentially disturbing-students should exercise discretion in selecting this course. Additional technology fee may be assessed.

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November 06, 2012