Aurora University Class Schedules - - BIO (Biology)

30862BIO 3810 01ST: Field HerpetologyAurora - Main Campus4.0005/07/12 05/26/12 STPH 111 LEC MTWTHF 09:00AM 01:00PMCarrie Milne-Zelman PRE-REQS: None Description: This course is an introduction to the biology, conservation and management of amphibians and reptiles. We will learn about the evolution, classification of amphibians and reptiles, identification of local species, threats to their conservation, surveying and monitoring techniques, population models, and habitat management guidelines. Wildlife management personnel from several local organizations will introduce us to local refuges and present conservation concerns. Much of the course will involve outdoor field work in surveying, monitoring, and habitat management techniques. Prerequisite: BIO1220 Course fee: There will be an additional fee of $96.25 to cover transportation costs.

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

November 06, 2012