Aurora University Class Schedules - 2012 Fall - HIS (History)

30679HIS 1200 01American History I (to 1877)Aurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 DUNH 121 LEC MWF 08:00AM 09:05AMMike Rossow Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B
30680HIS 1200 02American History I (to 1877)Aurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 ECKH 422 LEC MWF 09:20AM 10:25AMJohn R. Rosen Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B
30681HIS 1200 03American History I (to 1877)Aurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 STPH 113 LEC MWF 12:00PM 01:05PMCheryl Lemus Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B
30682HIS 1200 04American History I (to 1877)Aurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 ECKH 422 LEC MWF 01:15PM 02:20PMGerald Butters Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B
30683HIS 2200 01 Intro to Historical MethodsAurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 ECKH 422 LEC MWF 12:00PM 01:05PMGerald Butters 
30685HIS 2500 01Western Civ I (to 1500)Aurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 ECKH 320 LEC TTH 10:00AM 11:45AMJeanine Clark Bremer No prerequisites. Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B
32245HIS 2600 01Western Civ II (1500 to Pres)Aurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 320 LEC MWF 12:00PM 01:05PMMark Soderstrom Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B
30693HIS 2900 01Topics Russian Hst Since 1700SAurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 ECKH 422 LEC TTH 10:00AM 11:45AMMark Soderstrom 
32884HIS 3200 F2 01US History Since 1960SGeorge Williams-Lake Geneva Cp4.0010/22/12 12/15/12 MYER 103 LEC TH 06:00PM 10:00PMDavid Vlosak This course meets at George Williams College in Williams Bay, WI. Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B/Upper Level GENERAL ED
32510HIS 3360 01Renaissance Revtn RevivalAurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 102 LEC MWF 12:00PM 01:05PMLibby K Escobedo 
30695HIS 3650 01Hitler & the Nazi RevolutionAurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 DUNH 022 LEC TTH 03:15PM 05:00PMJonathan Dean 
30692HIS 4990 01Senior Seminar in HistoryAurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 DUNH 118 LEC MW 03:55PM 05:40PMGerald Butters PRE-REQS: Take HIS-3400WI and IDS-2000 with a C or better; Open only to senior history majors; successful completion of HIS 3400WI.
32412HIS 5996 F1 01Dir Study Capstone in HistoryAurora - Main Campus2.0008/27/12 10/20/12 STPH 211 LEC M 06:00PM 09:30PMMartin Forward CO-REQS: EDU-6756 Course Types: PBTC Courses

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

December 16, 2012