Aurora University Class Schedules - 2012 Fall - ATR (Athletic Training)

30340ATR 2050 01Fndts of Athletic TrainingAurora - Main Campus2.0008/27/12 12/15/12 STPH 120 LEC MW 12:00PM 12:50PMOscar Krieger Required of students seeking a major in athletic training.
30347ATR 2080 F1 01CPR Professional RescuerAurora - Main Campus1.0008/27/12 10/20/12 STPH 120 LEC TH 10:00AM 11:45AMOscar Krieger Additional fee.
30341ATR 2500 01Prev &Care/Athlet Injur& IllnAurora - Main Campus3.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 102 LEC MWF 09:20AM 10:10AMSarah Radtke PRE-REQS: Take ATR-2050 An additional lab fee.
30342ATR 2750 01Athletic Training Practicum IIAurora - Main Campus2.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 112 PHY F 08:00AM 09:05AMNicole Pieart An additional lab fee.
30343ATR 3500 01Medical Aspects/Athletic TrngAurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 112 LEC T 06:30PM 10:00PMNorma Berman PRE-REQS: Take ATR-2500, BIO-2670;
32316ATR 3510 01Assmnt of Lower Extremity/VscrAurora - Main Campus4.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 112 LEC MWF 09:20AM 10:25AMOscar Krieger PRE-REQS: Take ATR-2500 BIO-2660; CO-REQS: ATR-3510Z PED-3210
32317ATR 3510Z 01Assmnt Lower Extremity LabAurora - Main Campus0.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 112 LAB TH 08:00AM 09:45AMOscar Krieger CO-REQS: ATR-3510 Additional fee.
30344ATR 3750 01Athletic Training Practicum IVAurora - Main Campus3.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 112 FLD T 10:00AM 11:45AMJeffrey Probst PRE-REQS: Take ATR-2760; An additional lab fee.
30345ATR 4150 01Professional Prac in ATRAurora - Main Campus2.0008/27/12 12/15/12 DUNH 203 LEC TH 08:00AM 09:45AMSarah Radtke PRE-REQS: Take PED-3760, Senior standing; Acceptance into the Athletic Training major.
30346ATR 4750 01Athletic Training Pract VIAurora - Main Campus3.0008/27/12 12/15/12 INST 112 FLD M 08:00AM 09:05AMJeffrey Probst PRE-REQS: Take ATR-3760; An additional lab fee.

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

December 16, 2012