Aurora University Class Schedules - 2011 Fall - SPN (Spanish)

28402SPN 1120 01Elementary SpanishAurora - Main Campus4.0008/29/11 12/17/11 STPH 112 LEC MWF 12:00PM 01:05PMTerri L. Schroth PRE-REQS: None
28403SPN 1120 02Elementary SpanishAurora - Main Campus4.0008/29/11 12/17/11 INST 212 LEC MWF 01:15PM 02:20PMElizabeth O'Donnell PRE-REQS: None
28404SPN 1120 03Elementary SpanishAurora - Main Campus4.0008/29/11 12/17/11 STPH 112 LEC TTH 08:00AM 09:45AMTerri L. Schroth PRE-REQS: None
29442SPN 1120 F1 01Elementary SpanishGeorge Williams-Lake Geneva Cp4.0008/29/11 10/22/11 WINP 103 LEC M 06:00PM 10:00PMKristy Kleckauskas PRE-REQS: None Meets at George Williams College in Williams Bay, WI. Class will meet in Winston Paul 103.
28406SPN 2300 01Intermediate Spanish IIAurora - Main Campus4.0008/29/11 12/17/11 STPH 112 LEC MWF 10:40AM 11:45AMDenise Hatcher PRE-REQS: Take SPN-2200
28407SPN 3500 01Advanced Spanish LiteratureAurora - Main Campus3.0008/29/11 12/17/11 STPH 111 LEC MWF 09:20AM 10:10AMCarlos Martinez PRE-REQS: Take SPN-3400 or SPN-2300;
28408SPN 3600 01Latin Amern Cvlztn & CultureAurora - Main Campus3.0008/29/11 12/17/11 DUNH 120 LEC MWF 12:00PM 12:50PMEva Serrano PRE-REQS: Take SPN-3400
28409SPN 3650 01Language & Community ImmersionAurora - Main Campus3.0008/29/11 12/17/11 INST 316 LEC MWF 01:15PM 02:05PMDenise Hatcher PRE-REQS: Take SPN-3200

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

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