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Today is:
Fri, Apr 28, 2017
Third Thursday Concert: Mark Plummer and Cristian Pastorello
(Arts and Culture)

Mark Plummer and Cristian Pastorello perform the Dichterliebe of Robert Schumann, an extraordinary song cycle on poetry of the great Heinrich Heine. Schumann was at the height of his compositional powers in 1840 when he composed it. However, its first complete performance was not given until 1895. It is often seen as one of Schumann's greatest works, filled with emotional nuance and deep understanding of the heart's path through an unrequited love. The piano and voice are truly in duet as Schumann weaves together 16 short songs to tell the story.

Additionally on the program is Schumann's great piano work Kreisleriana, a set of programmatic works that Schumann dedicated to the pianist/composer Chopin. The works are deeply emotional, varied and chronicle the internal path of author E.T.A. Hoffman's character Johannes Kreisler. The work was completed in 1838, near the same time as the Dichterliebe and is again noted by musicologists and music lovers as one of Schumann's greatest creations.

Registration is required for this free event. Register online

Location: Crimi Auditorium
Contact: Community Relations Special Projects Manager
E-Mail artsandideas@aurora.edu