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Sat, Apr 29, 2017
Lake Study Day

Lake Study Day is an annual interdisciplinary event held each spring at George Williams College of Aurora University to explore and learn about Geneva Lake. As volunteers or as part of their coursework, GWC students from a number of majors prepare lake-related lessons that are typically 10-12 minutes in length, and set up a teaching station that includes all the necessary materials and visual aids for their lesson. Visiting classrooms are divided into small groups of 8-10 and visit each of the teaching stations in a round-robin fashion.

After visiting each of the GWC students' teaching stations, visiting classrooms will come back together as a group and hear a presentation by Wisconsin Historical Society maritime archaeologist Caitlin Zant about the history of Wisconsin shipwrecks and the science used to find and study them. Zant will also speak specifically about two Geneva Lake shipwrecks "Lady of the Lake" and "Lucius Newberry."

Contact Assistant Professor Chris Wells to schedule a time for your classroom to visit the campus for Lake Study Day. The length of field trip visits can be tailored to meet your classroom's availability by adjusting the number of teaching stations you will visit. Most classrooms typically join us for 1-2 hours.

Contact: Chris Wells
E-Mail cwells@gwc.aurora.edu