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Today is:
Sun, Feb 19, 2017
Remembering Kristallnacht
(Arts and Culture)

As we mark the 75th anniversary of the night on which Nazi hatred against the Jews was unleashed in violence, desecration, brutality and bloodshed-and on which ordinary Germans stood by as the pogrom unfolded-"we'll assemble a panel of expert witnesses to ponder the challenges which this night of evil, and the Holocaust to which it gave rise, still poses.

What causes genocide?
What have we learned from the Holocaust, and what have we failed to learn? How can we help prevent hatred, bullying and discrimination in our own time and place?

Magda Brown (AU D.H.L., 2013, honoris causa): Holocaust Survivor
Kelley Szany:Director of Educational Outreach and Genocide Initiatives, Illinois Holocaust Museum
Carl Wilkens: Missionary to Rwanda, eye-witness to genocide, Founder of 'World Outside My Shoes'

All are Welcome.

RSVP to cfa@aurora.edu or 630.844.6864.

Location: Crimi Auditorium
Contact: E-Mail cfa@aurora.edu