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Tue, Apr 25, 2017
Arts and Ideas: Lectures - Early Mexican Chicago: Missing Pages of History, Dr. Antonio Delgado
(Arts and Culture)

This program visually depicts Chicago's rich and vibrant history of Mexican presence dating back to World War I. Today, Chicago has the 2nd largest Mexican population in the U.S. The audience will learn about the highly personal nature of immigration and its impact on the development and growth of Chicago.

Early Mexican Chicago reflects U.S./Mexican relations, immigration law/policies and the forces that bind two nations together. Learning about Mexican Immigrant contributions will foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the Latino family, community and its place in U.S. society. It makes sense to know your neighbors.

The program will be immediately followed by a Q&A with Dr. Antonio Delgado.

Registration is required for this free event. Register online, email artsandideas@aurora.edu or call 630-844-4924.

Location: Perry Theater
Contact: E-Mail museum@aurora.edu