Andrea Kowalchuk, PhD

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and General Education

Office Location: Eckhart Hall 407
Telephone: 630-844-5256
Email Address:

Since I joined the AU community in the Fall of 2010, it has been a delight to spend my days reading and talking about good books and great ideas with students and colleagues. Some of the most enjoyable things about this way of life are watching students open up to the rich world of ideas and push themselves further than they had previously thought they could go.

PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies with a Focus in Political Philosophy - University of Dallas
MA, Politics - University of Dallas
MA, Political Science - University of Alberta (Canada)
BA, Comparative Religion - University of Alberta (Canada)

Areas of Interest
Ancient Philosophy
Political Philosophy
Ethics and Moral Philosophy
Ancient Tragedy, Comedy and Epic Poetry
History of the Natural and Social Sciences/Philosophy of Science
History of American Political Thought

Courses Taught
Problems of Philosophy
Professional Ethics
History of Philosophy I: Classical and Medieval
Classics in Political Philosophy
Culture, Diversity and Expression
Social Responsibility and Well-Being

Highlights of Publications,Honors and Professional Contributions
"On Civic Education: the Character and Extent of the City's Authority," Midwest Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, Illinois, April 2013.

"Individual Perfection and the Common Good: Aristotle on the Two Ends of Virtue," Hannibal lecture, Carthage College, October 2012.

"Recognizing the Longing for Virtue: A Note on Teaching Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics," Association for Core Texts and Curricula Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 2012.

"Aristotle's Household," lecture delivered at University of Dallas, July 2010.

"Locke and Aristotle on the Purpose and Ends of Political Life: The Modern Turn Away from Virtue," lecture delivered at University of Dallas' Summer Institute for High School Students, July 2010.

"Males, Females, and the Need-less Transition from the State of Nature," Southern Political Science Association Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2009.

"From Solitary to Political: Rousseau's Natural Man and Woman in The Second Discourse," The Institute for Philosophic Studies Biannual Colloquium, Dallas, Texas, September 2009.

"The Philosopher's Contribution to Political Life," Mid-Western Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, Illinois, April 2008.

Review of Protagoras and Meno, by Robert Bartlett (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2004), Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy 35, no. 3 (2008): 291-8.

"The Poet's Soul in Plato's Republic," The Association for Core Texts and Courses Conference, Williamsburg, Virginia, March 2007.

"100 Men: Towards an Understanding of Nietzsche's Towards a Genealogy of Morals" The Institute for Philosophic Studies Biannual Colloquium, Dallas, Texas, September 2006.

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Member of the Aurora Philosophy Club
Participated in the AU 2012-2013 Film Series, leading a discussion on Malick's "Tree of Life"
Member of the General Education Committee