Minor Requirements — Music

Minor in Music  (20.5-23 semester hours)

Required Courses:
MUS1060    Sightsinging Lab (1)
MUS1500    Music Appreciation (4)
MUS1600    Fundamentals of Music (2)
MUS2600    Music Theory I (3)

One course from
MUS1210    Beginning Piano (.5)
MUS2210    Piano I (.5-1.0)

Four additional semesters of applied study from one area:
MUS1010 Beginning Voice
MUS2010 Voice I or higher (1.0)
MUS2210 Piano I or higher (.5-1.0)
MUS2230 Applied Woodwinds (.5-1.0)
MUS2240 Applied Brass (.5-1.0)
MUS2250 Applied Strings (.5-1.0)
MUS2260 Applied Classical Guitar (.5-1.0)
MUS2270 Applied Organ (.5-1.0)

Four semesters of ensemble performance from:
MUS1900  Women’s Ensemble (1)
MUS1910  University Chorale (1)
MUS1920  Jazz Ensemble (1)

One of the following:
MUS2510    History of Western Music:  Antiquity-1750  (4)
MUS2520    History of Western Music:  1750-present  (4)