Are you interested in teaching mathematics at middle school or high school level? Or interested in working at a company as an actuary, or perhaps considering going to graduate school in the future? Come join the Mathematics program at Aurora University, with its friendly people, fun environment and supportive faculty.

The Math/Secondary Education program leads to Illinois State Board of Education certification to teach Math for grade 6 to 12. The program offers practicum opportunities for teacher candidates to work in a school and experience helping students first hand.

An undergraduate major in mathematics with a minor in business or computer science will prepare graduates to work for banks, insurance companies and various other industries. A math undergraduate degree is also becoming increasingly popular as a stepping-stone to graduate study in a wide range of disciplines from business administration to oceanography. Several of our graduates are currently teaching in a number of middle and high schools around the region. Many others are pursuing graduate degrees in business, actuarial science or mathematics.