Minor Requirements — International Studies

20 semester hours

The International Studies minor provides students with an opportunity to explore and learn from a multi-disciplinary perspective how to live and work in a complex and diverse world.

The goals of this minor are twofold: 1) to help students gain the knowledge and information necessary to live and work effectively and harmoniously in our complex world; and 2) to help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills by using an international perspective to recognize and understand the diversity of people and cultures in the world.

The minor will be attractive to students interested in international business and government, as well as to fields such as education, nursing, and social work, where graduates will interact with people of diverse cultures.

Required Courses:

PSC1XXX Introduction to Global Political Issues (4)
PSC4XXX Comparative Political Systems and Public Policies (4)

Electives: Choose a minimum of 14 semester hours from the list below:

BUS3500 International Business (3)
COM3500 Intercultural Communication (3)
CRJ3010 International Crime and Justice (3)
HIS3450 Latin American History (4)
HIS3700 History of the Middle East (4)
HIS3750 The Far East (4)
REL1050 An Introduction to World Religions (4)
REL2310 The Faiths of Abraham (4)
REL2320 The Faiths of India (4)
SOC2150 Cultural Anthropology (3)
SOC/PSC3400 Social Problems and Public Policies (4)
SOC/PSC3480 Globalization and Social Change (4)
SOC4500 Human Rights and Social Justice (4)
SPN2400 Advanced Spanish Skills (3)

NOTE:  Students may petition to include a maximum of 4 semester hours of credit earned in an Internship in a foreign country toward completion of the minor. A maximum of 4 semester hours earned in study-abroad programs, including international May term coursework, can count toward completion of the minor with the prior approval of the instructor.