Minor Requirements — Health Education

18 semester hours

Health Behaviors and Social Responsibility (2)
HED/IDS1610 Being Human: Ethics and Morality (4)
HED2300 Planning for Health Education (4)
HED3100 Emotional Aspects of Health Education (2)
HED3200 Resources and Assessment in Health Education (2)
HED3500 School/Community Partnerships in Health Promotion (2)
HED4100 Curriculum Development in Health Education (3)


This minor qualifies an individual for a middle school health endorsement in the state of Illinois. An endorsement allows a certified educator to teach health education in the middle school full time, but in the high school a certified educator may teach health education only part time. If a student majoring in K-12 physical education would like to qualify for the secondary school health endorsement, he/she must complete all necessary courses for the K-12 physical education major, health education minor and pass the ISBE Health Content Area Exam.