Jon Ross, MA

Jon Ross

Visiting Instructor of Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies

Office Location: Dunham Hall 018
Telephone: 630-844-4918
Email Address:

When education and learning are fun and full of creative experiences, they become memorable. To see students enjoy learning and discover new perspectives about themselves is tremendously rewarding. That's the major reason why, after a long professional career in communication and advocacy, I returned to earn my doctorate and make a permanent career commitment to teaching and academics. My mission as a teacher is to engender deep thinking and creativity in students, in a way that the experience of out-of-the-box thinking and creative learning becomes lifelong and translates to their professional lives.

PhD (ABD/in dissertation) – Union Inst. & University – Interdisciplinary Studies/Public Policy
MA – George Washington University – Legislative Affairs
BA – University of Florida – Political Science

Areas of Specialization
Political Communication
Mass Media and Communication
Gender and Media/Politics
Rhetoric and Persuasion
Strategic Communication (Public Relations, Marketing Communication)
Messaging and Advocacy

Courses Taught
Public Relations
Communication Research Methods
Intercultural Communication
Media and Society
Introduction to Communication
Culture, Diversity and Expression
Wellness and Social Responsibility
Being Human

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions
Ross, J. (2013). Don’t stigmatize, euphemize! [Re]Framing masculinity and the “epidemic of suicides” among U.S. servicemembers. National Communication Association (Washington, DC).

Ross, J. (2013). The new masculinity and its ramifications for policymaking in the public and private sectors. In Femininities and masculinities in action, Gregersdotter, K and Hållén, N., Eds. Oxfordshire, UK: Inter-disciplinary Press. ISBN: 978-1-84888-134-1
Ross, J. & Thiruvathukal, G. (2013). The new gender gap: Ending “women’s work” and “men’s work” as we know it. American Men’s Studies Association (Ann Arbor, MI).

Ross, J. (2013). All the world's a stage: Improvisation, simulation, and game-playing as critical teaching and learning tools. Midwest Scholars Conference (Indianapolis, IN).

Ross, J. (2013). Fathers, roles, and identities: Cultural constructions and media reinforcement. Southern Political Science Association (Orlando).

Ross, J. (2013). “Compassionate,” meet “Conservative”: David Cameron’s performative discourse as political leader and new male. Southern Political Science Association (Orlando).

Ross, J. (2013). Father-son expressions of love and intimacy: Social and cultural evolution in contemporary Western society. In Gender and love: Interdisciplinary perspectives, edited by Garcia, Noemi de Haro and Tseliou, Maria-Anna, Eds. Oxfordshire, Inter-Disciplinary Press: ISBN: 978-1-84888-124-2.

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Faculty Advisor, AU International Association of Business Communicators Club

Other Interests
Working in and supporting community-based arts organizations; theatre/improvisation performance and training