Adult Degree Completion Requirements


Bachelor of Arts - Adult Degree Completion Program and AU Online

A minimum of five (5) years of relevant full-time work experience is required for admission to the adult degree completion program.

Communication Major Requirements: 40 semester hours of communication ADC major-approved courses.

All communication ADC majors are required to complete the following courses core (20 SH) and senior-year experience (4SH) courses:   

  • COM1550 Professional Communication (4)  
  • COM2150 Human Relationships and Interactions (4)  
  • COM2200 Writing for Communication (4) 
  • COM2850 Visual Communication (4) 
  • COM3200 Persuasion and Consumer Culture (4)  
  • COM4990 Communication Project Management (4)

In addition to the preceding, all communication ADC majors are required to complete 16 semester hours from the following communication elective courses*:

  • COM2240 Public Relations (4) 
  • COM2250 Advertising (4) 
  • COM3000 Navigating Organizations (4) 
  • COM3140 Multimedia Journalism (4) 
  • COM3245 Strategic Writing and Production (4) 
  • COM3500 Intercultural Communication (4) 
  • COM3810 Special Topics in Communication (4) 
  • COM4240 Strategic Campaigns (4)
  • COM4940 Communication Internship (4) 

*Adult Degree Completion students have the option of completing their major elective requirements with any other offered Communication course.