Major Requirements - Business Administration



Required Business Foundation Courses: 32 semester hours
ACC2010 Principles of Financial Accounting (4)
ACC2020 Principles of Managerial Accounting (4)
COM1550 Professional Communication (4)
ECN2030 Principles of Economics (4)
FIN3400 Principles of Finance (4)
MIT3520 Business Software Applications (4)
MKT2300 Principles of Marketing (4)
MTH2320 General Statistics (4)

Required Discipline Courses: 28 semester hours
BUS1020 Foundations of Management (4)
BUS3280 Organizational Behavior (4)
BUS3500 International Business (4)
BUS3940 Business Internship or any 3000- or 4000-level ACC, BUS, FIN, MIT or MKT course (4)*
BUS4990 Strategy and Business Planning (4)

 * The internship experience must be completed during the junior or senior year. The requirements for an internship or additional course do not apply to Adult Degree Completion students.

Selected Courses: Choose two additional courses
ACC3210 Cost Accounting (4)
BUS3010 Dynamics of Leading Organizations (4)
BUS3250 Human Resource Management (4)
BUS4200 Not-for-Profit Strategic Management (4)
BUS4230 Operations Management (4)
MKT3350 Consumer Behavior (4)

To earn a BS, the following two courses are required:
BUS3550 Operational Metrics (4)
MTH3590 Business Analytics (4)