May Term 2012 — Krakow and Warsaw, Poland

MBA6880-01 Travel/Study: Global Business Immersion

3 semester hours

One change that has affected most of the world's population is the increase in globalization of social, cultural and economic activity. Organizations are global, and so are businesses, communications and finances. Work has become global. We need to understand the emerging globalization of organizations to understand and shape our present and future.

This course focuses on the management of international business and organizational behavior. The basic thrust of this course is to aid students in understanding organizations from a global perspective, rather than a North American or Western European perspective. A second intention is to present a cultural perspective on organizational behavior and management. The final aim is to provide a student experience that improves interpersonal behavior concerning cultural variations found in international organizations.

Why Poland? The country is a dynamically developing member of the European Union with a young society, strong economy and good prospects for the future. The country has migrated from an era of communism to one of developing capitalism. Poles are known for their hospitality. Everybody is allowed to cross the Polish border. Global companies are choosing Poland because of the availability of a highly qualified lab, presence of universities, support of the authorities and the largest market in Central Europe.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

Dr. Dennis Kripp

On campus meetings:
May 7, 8 and 25, 2012

Trip dates:
May 11-18, 2012

Trip costs:
$2,950 to include airfare, lodging, ground transportation and most meals in addition to tuition of $1,875.

Trip deposit:
$500 due January 24, 2012.