Debra Zahay Blatz, PhD

debra-zahayProfessor of Marketing
Dunham School of Business

Office Location: Dunham Hall, Room 229
Phone: 630-844-3825
Fax: 630-844-7830

I specialize in Digital Marketing, particularly data analytics, and will teach in the new undergraduate Digital Marketing Minor that will be rolled out in the Fall of 2014.  Currently, my courses count toward the Interactive Marketing Minor and Concentration.  I worked in industry before receiving my Ph.D., primarily for MCI Telecommunications (now Verizon) and Dun & Bradstreet and specialize in project courses where students can apply knowledge and create experiences and skills that can be applied in the job market. Former students are working in search, social media, web design, web analytics and usability testing and other areas of direct/digital marketing.

Ph.D. University of Illinois
M.B.A. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
J. D. Loyola University School of Law
A. B. English Literature, Washington University in St. Louis

Areas of Specialization
Internet/Digital Marketing
Customer Information Management

Courses Taught
Internet Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Integrated Marketing Communication
Principles of Marketing

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions
Co-Author with MaryLou Roberts (2011), Internet Marketing:  Integrating Online and Offline Strategies, third edition, leading text in the field.

Winner Best Case Award:  Tarter, B., Caravella, M., and Zahay, D. (2009, October). Case:  Allstate Insurance:  Building Relationships through Email Campaigns, Direct and Interactive Marketing Research Summit, San Diego, CA, also published in the International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications (2010), 2 (1), 71-79.

Best Paper:  Zahay, D.L. (2003, October). The Role of Transactional versus Relational Data in IMC Programs: Bringing Sales and Marketing Data Together. In DMEF (Ed.) Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Orlando, FL. *

Peltier, J., Zahay, D. &  Lehman, D. (2013). Organizational Learning and CRM Success: A Model for Linking Organizational Practices, Customer Data Quality and Performance, Journal of Interactive Marketing 27, pp. 1-13.

Zahay, D. L., Griffin, A., & Fredericks, E. (2011). Information Use in NPD: An Initial Exploratory Empirical Test in the Chemical Industry, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 28 (4) 485-502.

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Highlights of Campus Involvement
Just arrived in the Fall of 2013, excited to be here and am taking students to several networking/education events this fall with professional associations in my areas of expertise.